The Chicago Bears aren’t dead yet. It’s been only one week of the NFL season. This is no time to panic. Still, it is difficult for fans to not start getting nervous. They lost in convincing fashion to the Rams on Sunday night. Now they stare down the barrel of a schedule that includes the Browns, Raiders, Packers, Buccaneers, 49ers, and Steelers. If they lose to Cincinnati this Sunday? Things could get out of hand fast.

That begs the question. If those fears are realized, could the Bears end up doing a bit of a firesale at the trade deadline later this November? Not so much every single player with value but names that may not have a future in Chicago. Either due to age, contract, or both. GM Ryan Pace, presuming he isn’t fired beforehand, must do what he can to start collecting as many assets as possible for the 2022 offseason.

Here are players on the roster who might have some trade value two months from now.

These Chicago Bears may have trade value if season goes south

Allen Robinson

The star receiver is approaching an offseason where he’ll likely end up a free agent. If the Bears aren’t going to pay him the money he wants, they have two choices. Either let him walk and likely get a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2023 or see if they can get something for him in 2022. His value as a top-tier pass target is obvious. Contending teams with lacking receiver options may have no issue paying up for him even as a rental.

Potential return: 3rd round pick

Nick Foles

The man has been connected to trade buzz for months with no takers to this point. Still, injuries happen in the NFL. Even at quarterback. A time may come soon where a team sees Foles as a viable alternative to what they have on the roster or to choose from on the free agent market. His contract isn’t overly expensive and he has a solid track record of coming in cold and still producing.

Potential return: 6th-7th round pick

Andy Dalton

This might sound crazy but is it? Everybody can sense that Justin Fields is going to start before this season is over. At that point, keeping Dalton as a backup option is fine but not for a team looking to reload. If another team wants to grab the 33-year old to bolster their own position, then it would make sense. Most of his contract will be paid by the deadline in November. Flipping a later pick for him would be a modest price.

Potential return: 6th-7th round pick

Akiem Hicks

He’s made it clear multiple times that he wants to finish his career with the Bears. That is a great thing. Unfortunately, it might not be possible. Hicks is getting older and playing on an expensive contract. He likely will want something close to what he’s making now to stay. If another team is interested in his services the second half of the season, Pace has to consider making that deal. It would hurt, but everything must be about the long-term.

Potential return: 6th-7th round pick

Khalil Mack

The Chicago Bears actually had a chance to do this a few months ago when the Raiders called. They said no. It made sense at the time. Now? Hindsight says they might’ve missed an opportunity. Still, Mack has lots of value as a pass rusher even on his expensive contract. Several top QB hunters have already suffered injuries this season. A large chunk of Mack’s guaranteed money is paid. So the contract isn’t as bad as one might think.

Potential return: 2nd round pick and 4th-5th round pick

Eddie Jackson

It’s amazing to think people thought Jackson was the best safety in the NFL just two years ago. Now he has somehow gotten to a point where Bears fans are ready to get rid of him. Missed tackles, bad angles, and a lack of turnover. His contract is becoming more trouble than it’s worth. If another team is willing to take it on the calculated gamble they can return him to his All-Pro form? So much the better.

Potential return: 4th-5th round pick

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