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Allen Robinson Contract Demands Reportedly Way Higher Than Expected

Allen Robinson Contract Demands Reportedly Way Higher Than Expected
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The Chicago Bears are obviously focused on their pursuit of a quarterback this offseason. However, right behind that on the to-do list is figuring out the Allen Robinson situation. He’s their best offensive player. A locker room leader and the most consistent weapon they’ve had at wide receiver in almost a decade. Fans are understandably nervous he could end up leaving in free agency if something isn’t done.

As things stand, there isn’t a ton of fear about him leaving. At least not in 2021. The Bears have the franchise tag at their disposal and he’s the only pending free agent worth using it on. If forced to, GM Ryan Pace is most likely to exercise that trump card. This would lock Robinson into a one-year deal somewhere between $16-18 million depending on where the 2021 salary cap ends up.

Yet this would only feel like delaying the inevitable.

People want to know why the Bears haven’t been able to secure Robinson on a long-term contract. It seemed like such a routine thing to take care of at this time last year. As time went on though, it became apparent there was a disconnect between the two sides. Blame quickly fell on the Bears. It was obvious they were trying to keep the 27-year old for cheap and not pay him what he’s worth. Is that true though? Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog had an interesting revelation about that.

“The Bears should not even consider a roster next season without him. And that consideration does not require paying him north of $80 million, despite the #ExtendARob movement on social media. The Bears have made many substantial, lucrative offers to Robinson and his side has rejected all of them. He wants $100 million. No one is going to pay him that.”

Presuming any new contract is a four-year deal, that would mean Robinson wants to get paid $25 million per year. This would make him the second-highest paid receiver in the NFL right behind DeAndre Hopkins ($27.25 million). Above Julio Jones and Keenan Allen. A couple of months ago a source informed SM that GM Ryan Pace called the demands of Robinson’s camp “totally unreasonable.” These details from Hughes now explain why.

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Allen Robinson seems entrenched in his stance

Contract talks between the two sides ceased around early last October. What was never clear is which side broke them off. Did Robinson do it because he was insulted by the Bears’ offers or did the Bears do it because it was obvious the two sides were far apart on numbers? Initial reports said the receiver wanted Odell Beckham Jr. money ($18 million per year) but it appears that was mistaken.

The team upped their offer after buzz picked up that Robinson was unhappy with the talks. Clearly their efforts didn’t lead to anything as the two sides have remained deadlocked ever since. One theory could be Allen Robinson is keeping his demand that high to ensure the Bears don’t accept it. Why? Locking himself in the long-term could be dangerous to his career given their ongoing troubles at finding a quarterback.

Could his demands soften if they ended up finding a legitimate option under center?

It’s possible. Or maybe Robinson believes that strongly in his value. If so, then the Bears are virtually guaranteed to use the franchise tag. Then it will be a matter of two things. Either they wait and see if he lowers those demands next season or they start the process of finding his eventual replacement. As good as Robinson has been, paying a wide receiver that much money is ill-advised. Not when it’s possible to find quality targets for much cheaper.

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