Allen Robinson may not come across as the most vocal guy in the world but he certainly knows how social media works. Without saying a single word, he lit off a firestorm on Tuesday for the Chicago Bears. It started when he deleted all Bears-related mentions on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Soon after reports began to surface the 27-year old receiver was “frustrated” and felt disrespected by the team in contract negotiations.

That is when Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune dropped the bombshell that Robinson asked Chicago about the possibility of a trade. This sent a wave of panic through Bears fandom. What in the world are the Bears doing? How did they not get this settled months ago? Speculation aside, Robinson’s agent Brandon Parker finally reached out to the national media to offer clarification.

It is true the receiver is upset with how talks have gone to this point, but he has in fact not requested a trade though.

Allen Robinson could be playing media to his advantage

This is an important point. Agents aren’t usually shy about saying if their client is interested in a trade. That Parker made it clear Robinson isn’t is good news. It means the receiver would prefer to stay in Chicago like he’s said for months. At the same time, he feels the team is dragging its feet with negotiations and trying to lowball him with discount offers. This latest media rush could easily be a clever tactic by his camp to put pressure on the Bears.

He knows his value to the team and he knows the fanbase is squarely on his side. He has every right to use all the leverage he can to get the best possible deal for himself. That is how business works. The big question is how GM Ryan Pace will handle this sudden onslaught.