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Adam Schefter Delivers Huge Nugget On Justin Fields Trade Market


One thing about Adam Schefter is he rarely disappoints. When the guy has something to say, he’s not afraid to give a straight answer. He was in rare form during an appearance on Waddle & Silvy for ESPN 1000. Unsurprisingly, the discussion centered around what the Chicago Bears will do at quarterback. He echoed his previous comments from another appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. Based on what he’s heard around the league, everybody expects Bears GM Ryan Poles to stay at #1 and take Caleb Williams. If that proves true, it means Justin Fields will likely be traded.

Here is where it got interesting. Schefter was asked about Fields’ potential market once the off-season got going. While he doesn’t think there will be a mad scramble from teams to acquire him, he still thinks there will be enough involved to create a strong market. As to what the Bears can get, it will “definitely” be a 2nd round pick and could end up being even more.

This marks the second major insider, alongside Tom Pelissero, to mention there is a strong possibility the Bears could wrangle a 1st round pick from somebody for Fields. That would be a tremendous return.

Several factors will determine Justin Fields’ market.

It starts with the evaluation of the other quarterbacks in the draft. Everybody not named Caleb Williams. How strongly do they feel about Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr., or J.J. McCarthy as potential franchise guys? Then, there is the free agency group. Could Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield, and Russell Wilson all be available? These factors make it wise for Poles and the Bears to get a trade done before the league year begins in mid-March. Teams might be less inclined to pay a significant return for Fields once the market opens and the draft draws closer.

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The thing left to determine is who might pay that price tag. As things stand, eight teams have legitimate question marks at the quarterback position.

  • Washington
  • New England
  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Minnesota
  • Las Vegas
  • Pittsburgh
  • Tampa Bay

The first three are high enough in the 1st round that they won’t surrender such a pick for Justin Fields. Atlanta (#8) is the first team that feels like a serious possibility. Ryan Pace works in their front office. He drafted Fields and the QB is a Georgia native. Minnesota might retain Cousins, but if not, they become an immediate possibility. Their GM Kwesi Odofo-Mensah isn’t shy about making inter-divisional trades. Las Vegas just hired Luke Getsy as offensive coordinator, so that feels unlikely. Pittsburgh (20th) picks late enough in the 1st round to where they may feel the price is worth it. Tampa Bay likely will look to keep Mayfield.

As things stand, it feels like Atlanta and Pittsburgh are the most obvious landing spots. Then again, others could enter the fray if their original quarterback plans don’t work out.


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Feb 7, 2024 12:05 pm

Bagent has a pretty decent arm, from what I’ve seen. What kills his throws are inconsistent mechanic in his hips and upper body. Sometimes it looks pretty good, sometimes it looks abbreviated, like he’s trying to force the ball out a tick too fast.

If you watch tape, and observe some of the balls that were thrown deep, you’ll see it. He’s not consistently driving the ball.

Feb 7, 2024 9:59 am

I delivered a huge nugget in my bathroom this morning and it didn’t have anything to do with JF1 or the Bears.

Feb 7, 2024 8:19 am

As Mark Twain once wrote: There are three types of lies: Lies, damn lies and statistics. Statistics can be used for or against any argument based on the way the argument is framed. What matters is how well the statistics play out in reality.

Feb 7, 2024 2:20 am

I appreciate you diggin’ deep for the data, TGena. Honestly, based on my eyeball test, I’d throw all that data out the window. I’ve said it before, TB has a lot more zip on his ball with his overhead delivery vs his sidearm delivery. I wanted to see Bagent for at least a game or 2 after he sat for a bit to process. I understand why that didn’t happen as due diligence had to be done with JF.

Feb 6, 2024 10:59 pm

@jmscooby — Check the NFL Combine QB passing velocity (mph) data from past workout sessions — (Source: OURLADS Guide to the NFL Draft). 2023 Draft Class — Tyson Bagent, Shepherd: 56 (Left) 53 (Right) C.J.Stroud, Ohio St.:54 (Left) 56 (Right) Anthony Richardson, FL: 53 (Left) 54 (Right) Will Levis, Kentucky: 53 (Left) 53 (Right) 2022 — Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh: 54 (Left) 54 (Right) Bryce Purdy, Iowa St: 52 (Left) 51 (Right) 2021 — No NFL Combine (COVID-19) 2020 — Justin Herbert, Oregon: 55 (Left) 54 (Right) Jordan Love, Utah St: 54 (Left) 53 (Right) Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma: 54 (Left) 51… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by TGena

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