Remember a week ago when SM reported that Chicago Bears chairman George McCaskey was growing increasingly frustrated with the state of the offense. Enough to where both head coach Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace were viewed as primary culprits. Pace for building it and then hiring Nagy to run it despite mounting evidence he’s not equipped to do so. That report has since been backed up.

Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog, who has broken a number of Bears-related stories in recent months, indicated there is indeed tension at Halas Hall. He backed that up a few hours later after the team fell to Minnesota on Monday Night Football. An in-season firing is unlikely but odds are rising fast that both Pace and Nagy are gone by January.

That may not be soon enough for many, but that is how McCaskey operates.

If he wouldn’t fire Trestman after back-to-back 50-point disasters against Green Bay and New England? He won’t pull the plug now. Not that it matters. It seems the Bears owner is already getting a headstart on 2021. Rumors have circulated the team is monitoring possible head coaches with a lot of their focus currently on the college ranks.

It gets more interesting though. McCaskey is also starting to dig into potential new GMs as well. One name that is floating around according to a source is Louis Riddick. Fans should know him well. He’s become a highly-respected analyst for ESPN, now working the booth on Monday Night Football. Buzz around him for GM jobs has steadily risen in the past year.

Chicago Bears could do a lot worse than Riddick

Riddick wouldn’t be the first media guy to get that job. It’s become somewhat of a hot trend in the past few years. John Lynch took over the San Francisco 49ers and got them to the Super Bowl last season. The Raiders brought aboard Mike Mayock and now they’re 6-3 with the playoffs in their sights. It’s not like Riddick isn’t qualified either.

Before entering the media world, he was a former scout and personnel director for the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. During that time, he had a hand in acquiring a number of good players for his teams. Guys like Santana Moss, London Fletcher, Evan Mathis, and Cullen Jenkins. His presence in front of the camera is undeniable. The man has charisma and an ability to communicate.

Can he save this team?

That is impossible to know. He’s made no indications of interest in leaving ESPN. Then again no team has offered a GM job. Odds are he’d certainly consider it if the Chicago Bears came calling. A chance to become the first black GM in franchise history and succeed where countless others have failed? He’d be a made man if he pulled that off. Being from the suburbs of Philadelphia also means he was raised tough.

Somebody like that will be needed to whip this franchise back into shape. These next couple of months figure to be fascinating.