Sunday, August 14, 2022

Cubs Sign Marcus Stroman to $71 Million Contract


Can you believe it??? Well, forget about the rumors, speculation and reports because it’s actually happening. The Cubs are signing free agent starter Marcus Stroman!

The source? Marcus Stroman himself.

Let’s fucking goooo!

ESPN’s Jeff Passan was first to report the details of Stroman’s three-year, $71 million contract.

What a wonderful surprise right before the lockout for Cubs fans. It’s been a miserable existence ever since the 2021 trade deadline. There has been little to no confidence among most fans that the team would actually spend this offseason and any time there has been discussion about potential moves the conversation always seemed to go back to the Cubs rebuilding for a few years and not trying to compete as soon as 2022.

Now, after the Stroman signing, those conversations are going in a different direction. It’s no longer complaining about why the Cubs won’t spend, rather who will they spend on next.

And that’s the thing, while you should be excited about Stroman coming to the Cubs, Jed Hoyer can’t stop now.

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