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Lucas Giolito’s Gem Was Extremely Important For White Sox


Lucas Giolito hasn’t had the best season to start out in 2021, posting an ERA of over 4.00 and having several outings where he just got blitzed by the opposing team. Yesterday, he had easily his best start of the season, going 8 innings and only allowing 2 hits and 1 ER against the rival Minnesota Twins. It was an extremely important win for the White Sox, not just because it clinched a series win against a division rival, but because of all the circumstances happening around the clubhouse right now. The rumors and cancerous dialogue that have been coming out of the press conferences recently have given many fans the worry that the team would fall apart. After a great performance from Giolito, it at least shows the fans that the players are focused on winning, and will not let the ignorant comments of their manager ruin a great chance to pull ahead of their rival and not give them life with a series win. Check out the video below:

La Russa Problems

Manager Tony La Russa publicly told the media this week that he had no problem with the Twins throwing behind young rookie Yermin Mercedes after Mercedes hit a HR on a 3-0 count while up 15-4 the other day. This obviously did not sit well with many fans, calling TLR a traitor and wondering how the team would respond to his comments. Luckily, the team seems to have shrugged off the ridiculous statements of their 76-year-old manager and have stayed focused on winning ballgames.

Anderson Backs Mercedes

Tim Anderson backed up his young teammate on Instagram by commenting that it was great that Mercedes swung on a 3-0 count and he should never stop being himself. Mercedes responded by telling Anderson that he would never stop hitting bombs and used the bomb emoji multiple times. Once again, it seems like the players have united with each other against TLR, who is clueless about how the game of baseball is played in 2021. Not only has he not known the rules of the game on one occasion, but he has made several questionable comments to the media that make us all seriously question his ability to lead a young team.

Lance Lynn Doesn’t Have An Office

Another questionable TLR comment came after starting pitcher Lance Lynn defended Mercedes for his HR publicly to the media. A reporter asked La Russa about the comments Lynn made that contradicted what he had just said yesterday about his team learning that such an action is not acceptable to him. La Russa was very aggravated at the reporter for his question and told him that Lynn “has a locker, I have an office.” A truly disgusting comment that downplays the seriousness of the comments made by Lynn and makes you really wonder about what is going on in that clubhouse. Who knows what more will happen once the season progresses further, or how long this team can go ignoring the obvious problem with their manager. But for now, they are focused on winning. Let’s keep it that way.

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