Sunday, July 3, 2022

Johnny Cueto’s Fifty-Four Speaker Ambulance Will Blow Your Mind 


Johnny Cueto is not your ordinary pitcher on the mound. His repertoire of various windups and deliveries makes him one of the most interesting pitchers to watch in baseball. As it turns out that is just the tip of the iceberg. Cueto is even more interesting off the mound.

Jeff Passan of ESPN recently wrote a profile story about the White Sox‘s newest pitcher. The ways in which he spends his paychecks are truly amazing.

Cueto bought an ambulance from former MLB relief pitcher, Octavio Dotel. He then upgraded it by turning it into something that rivals a transformer.

On the back of the ambulance is a wall of speakers. Twenty-two to be exact. Nine on each door and a stack of four in the middle. But he didn’t stop there. On the top of the ride is a hidden compartment with two fold-out flaps. Open those flaps and you’ll find another six speakers attached along with a central panel with 20 more.

Reynaldo Lopez told Passan, that the bass of the speakers is so loud that when Cueto parked his ambulance next to a pool, the water began splashing up.

Cueto denies the story but if you take one look at his ambulance it is easy to believe Lopez’s.

His motivation behind his portable subwoofer was simply to have the loudest sound system during get-togethers at El Malecon. Cueto’s motivation behind this sound monstrosity was simply to have the loudest sound system in El Mea. His souped-up ambulance is even louder than Robinson Cano’s. Yes, you read that correctly, Robinson Cano also owns an ambulance with speakers.

There is a company in the Dominican Republic called MUSICOLOGO BAKANO RD that specializes in tricked-out automobiles.

On top of decking out his ambulance, Cueto spends his time during the offseason riding horses on his 1,500-acre ranch. He also owns cows, chickens, pigs, and goats, that he uses for cooking.

You can read Passan’s full story here:


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