There was lot’s of news that came out of Rick Hahn’s press conference on Monday. Here is all the important information you need to know from it.

Black Monday in Chicago

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The biggest news of the day came when the White Sox announced that manager Rick Renteria had been relieved of his duties ahead of Rick Hahn’s scheduled press conference at 11am. Renteria went 236-309 at the helm of the White Sox. Even though he took the the White Sox to their first playoff appearance since 2008, they were eliminated in three games, something management was not pleased about. 

Over time THROUGH very candit and quite frankly very personal conversations, About where this organization is, what our timeline is, WHere our horizon is, what we need to do to win in october and get to that ultimate goal, it became evident it was time to make a change”-Rick Hahn

Rick Hahn said the front office had an evaluation of the last few weeks of the season and they were not thrilled with the way the season ended. Hahn did not want to get into specifics about why Renteria was fired.

Hahn also said this is an ending that he has discussed with Renteria for a long time and something that Renteria knew was a possibility. They had honest conversations about how this would potentially end, and not just over the last couple of weeks.

This would lead you to believe that the White Sox always viewed Renteria as a stepping stone to get the White Sox through the rebuild and ready to contend. While they hoped he could end his tenure with a World Series ring, they never viewed him as the guy to get the White Sox over the top

Later during the press conference Hahn also broke the news that longtime pitching coach Don Cooper would also not be returning. 

This comes as a bit of a surprise as Cooper has been with the White Sox for 18 years. Hahn said once a new manager is in place they will look to fill the hole at pitching coach.

Managerial Candidates

While Rick Hahn did not want to go into specifics on the hiring process, he did provide some insight to what direction the team was leaning toward.  Hahn cited the fact that the White Sox have a very bright future saying “We should be viewed as a very desirable landing spot for a potential manager.”

He said managerial experience is not required, because he does not want to cut off any avenues, but experience would be a plus. The manager will most likely come from outside the organization.

It is clear the White Sox want a manager with championship pedigree.  Hahn said the ideal candidate will have October experience in a championship organization in recent years.  That would lead you to believe that AJ Hinch and Alex Cora are on the White Sox radar, even though Hahn refused to comment on either of them specifically.  

Ozzie Guillen is not a candidate

While Rick Hahn did not want to name any names, the one rumor he immediately squashed was that Ozzie Guillen was a potential candidate. Hahn came right out and said Guillen will not be considered. He also said that Jerry Reinsdorf called Ozzie Guillen on Monday morning, out of respect, to inform him that he is not a candidate.  

Offseason Wish List

Rick Hahn said there is some flexibility built into their payroll model going into this offseason. If the White Sox decline Edwin Encarnacion and Gio Gonzalez’s team options, money will be freed up to spend this offseason. But Hahn pointed out that due to the pandemic there is some uncertainty moving forward.

“We Don’t Know what the  impact is going to be on the future economics of the game. We are just going to have to see how the market plays out”-Rick Hahn

Rick Hahn stated that the White Sox did not get the production out of right field and designated hitter that they wanted this season. That will be something the White Sox will continue to evaluate during the offseason. Hahn said like every team in the MLB, the White Sox are in the market for more pitching. However they have some internal candidates for each of those needs, such as Micheal Kopech, Dane Dunning, Jimmy Lambert and Jonathan Steiver.

McCann’s Future

The White Sox think the world of James McCann and brining him back is not out of the realm of possibilities. Rick Hahn said that playing time between James McCann and Yasmani Grandal was allocated very well this season. But with Jose Abreu and Andrew Vaughn at first base that influences the lineup. Hahn says they will stay in touch as McCann explores his options. But Hahn was quick to point out that McCann is a good player at a premium position. Dropping hints that he will likely have a good markets and will be difficult to bring back.

Garrett Crochet Injury Status 

Garrett Crochet left Game 3 of the Wildcard Round with an apparent forearm strain. White Sox fans feared he would need Tommy John surgery but the injury report appears to be positive.

Rick Hahn announced that he has a muscle strain in his forearm but they expect him to continue to progress and feel fine for next season. Hahn also said that the long term plan for Crochet is to be a starting pitcher. However he figures to be back I the bullpen in 2021.

Crochet was excellent out of the White Sox bullpen this year. The first round pick from Tennessee, threw six innings in 2020 and is yet to give up a run. He also has a blazing fastball that averages over 100 mph.  Crochet avoiding Tommy John surgery is a huge relief for the White Sox

Other Injury Reports

Nick Madrigal had his shoulder repaired after the 2020 season. He injured it sliding into third base earlier this season, in Milwaukee. The planned procedure will stabilize the area after the separation. His recovery time can range from five to sixth months. He is still expected to be ready for next season.

Yoan Moncada had a disappointing season statistically but Rick Hahn said the White Sox were impressed with how he carried himself through out the season. Moncada contracted COVID-19 before the season and some of the symptoms effected him for the rest of the season.

Hahn talked about a moment in Cleveland where Moncada scored from first on a double and could not catch his breath in the dugout.  Hahn said there are some real endurance issues. The biggest red flag is that he is only 25 years-old and has world class medical care. This is a cause for concern for the White Sox and something they will continue to monitor but Hahn says the White Sox are optimistic moving forward.



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