Sunday, August 14, 2022

Bad News Regarding MLB Lockout


The MLB lockout has dragged on for over a month now, but the league and the players union have yet to make any progress in negotiations. In fact, there are currently no negotiations scheduled.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan offered a concerning update on the situation on Wednesday afternoon Tweeting “It’s been 30 days since MLB’s lockout started and the sides haven’t had one substantive conversation.” 

He also included a screenshot of his latest article. In the article, he quotes a “long time baseball man” who said into his phone “What the f— are we doing?” He goes on to say that the man sees the same thing that happened in 2020 happening again. When an attempt to strike a deal for the new season fell apart the two sides refused to negotiate or even speak to each other. 

Passan is not the only alarmist either. According to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, there are no negotiations scheduled between the MLB and the Players Union despite the fact the first Spring Training games are scheduled on February 26th. At this rate pitchers and catchers won’t be able to report to Spring Training in time. 

Nightengale added that the two sides have only met twice since the lockout began. In those two meetings no economics were discussed, despite that being the primary reason for a lockout in the first place. 

Cubs outfielder Ian Happ appeared on 670 The Score last month. He said that the two sides had talks in the days leading up to the lockout. However, he called it a “horrible way to negotiate”. Many people are speculating the lockout could delay the start of the regular season. 

This is MLB’s first work stoppage since 1994. Just like it did in 1994, this current lockout could have major ramifications on the White Sox. In 1994 the White Sox had a 67-46 record and were first in the AL Central when play was halted. They had a legitimate chance of winning the World Series before the season got pulled out from under them. 

This time around, the White Sox once again have a roster ready to compete for a title. Rick Hahn and company need to add a few more pieces to put the finishing touches on a contender. He is unable to make any moves during this time. By the time the lockout ends he, and all other general managers will be pressed for time. 

The lockout also has major ramifications on the players. They are unable to communicate with coaches, which has a drastic impact on their offseason training. 

Lucas Giolito spoke to Bleacher Report about not being able to communicate with pitching coach Ethan Katz and the toll it has taken on him.

“Beyond baseball, he is a very, very close friend of mine,” Giolito said. “He was at my wedding; I was at his. And I just think it’s strange and unfortunate that because of the lockout, he’s being told he’s not allowed to talk to me or any of the other guys.”

The relationship between the players union and MLB is clearly toxic. It is one thing to disagree on the issues but to not be able to get to the substances of the issues is cause for concern. 

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