Top 1

Mookie Betts reaches on a fielding error by Javier Báez.

Kyle Hendricks gets another ground ball for a double play off the bat of Corey Seager.

Justin Turner with a groundout to Báez to end the first.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 0

Bottom 1

Willson Contreras strikes out swinging to begin things against Clayton Kershaw.

Kris Bryant with another extra base hit, lines a double to left.

Anthony Rizzo drills a two-strike pitch down the right-field line, Bryant scores and the Cubs lead 1-0.

Báez goes down in the count 0-2, but he draws a walk. That’s only his second walk of the season and it comes against Kershaw, who only had 5 BBs coming into today’s game.

Matt Duffy singles sharply into left field. Rizzo gets the stop sign at third and the bases are loaded.

Kershaw bounces one in front of the plate, but the Dodgers catcher gets to it quickly off the bricks and Rizzo stays at third.

David Bote pounds a bases-clearing double to left and just like that the Cubs are up 4-0!

Kershaw does not have his curve ball in the first and he delivers a wild pitch on ball four to Jake Marisnick. Bote goes to third.

Ildemaro Vargas strikes out swinging on a 3-2 pitch. Marisnick steals second base.

Kyle Hendricks flies out to shallow center and the first inning comes to an end, but not before Kershaw throws 39 pitches and allows four runs.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 4

Top 2

Max Muncy gets on base via a HBP.

Chris Taylor strikes out swinging.

AJ Pollock flies out to center field.

Gavin Lux with a slow tapper past the mound is good enough for an infield hit.

Hendricks freezes Austin Barnes for the strikeout.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 4

Bottom 2

And that’s it for Kershaw. Dodgers bringing in righty Dennis Santana to begin the second inning.

Contreras with a long at-bat and he draws a leadoff walk.

Bryant smashes a grounder to third, looked like an easy double play, but Lux throws the ball into the dugout behind first base. Bryant to second on the throwing error.

Rizzo flies out to shallow left field.

Báez swings at the first pitch and hits a line drive to deep center field for an out.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 4

Top 3

Hendricks strikes out Santana.

Betts singles through the right side of the infield.

Seager with some hard contact, but he flies out to Duffy on the warning track in left.

Turner walks and the Dodgers have two on with two outs.

Hendricks strikes out Muncy swinging with a change up to end the scoring threat.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 4

Bottom 3

Duffy grounds out to first.

Bote flies out to left-center field.

Marisnick gets hit on his right hand/wrist. Ouch.

Vargas singles to left and Marisnick goes to third.

Vargas steals second base.

Hendricks up and Santana throws a wild pitch. Marisnick scores and Vargas comes around all the way from second. Cubs go up 6-0!

Hendricks chops one back to the mound.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 6

Top 4

Taylor flies out to Marisnick in center.

Pollock strikes out swinging.

Lux singles to left.

Barnes shoots a single to right field.

Edwin Rios pinch-hitting for Santana.

Rios grounds out to Rizzo as the Dodgers strand two more runners.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 6

Bottom 4

Jimmy Nelson now pitching for the Dodgers.

Contreras strikes out swinging.

Bryant strikes out swinging.

Rizzo takes strike three at the knees on the inside corner. Nelson strikes out the side.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 6

Top 5

Betts with a pop-fly to shallow left-center field.

Seager grounds out to Bote.

Turner grounds out to Báez. A quick 1-2-3 inning for Hendricks.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 6

Bottom 5

Left-hander Alex Vesia now pitching for the Dodgers.

Báez strikes out swinging on a 3-2 pitch.

Duffy grounds out to Lux at second base.

Bote fouls out to Barnes behind home plate.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 6

Top 6

Muncy strikes out swinging again.

Taylor lines a single to center field.

Pollock flies out to Duffy a couple steps in front of the warning track in left.

Lux with a slow grounder up the middle, Báez with a pretty flip to Bote at second for the force out.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 6

Bottom 6

Well, looks like Marisnick’s wrist is all right as he crushes a homer to left!

Vargas flies out to center field.

Hendricks strikes out looking.

Contreras flies out to left field.

Score: Dodgers 0, Cubs 7

Top 7

Barnes fouls out to Contreras.

The shutout is no more as Keibert Ruiz launches a solo homer to right field.

Betts singles to left field.

Báez with another bobble at short on what should have been a double play and then he flips it to no one at second base. Betts goes to third base. Awful game defensively for Báez, who has his first career three-error game.

Hendricks gets a game-ending 6-4-3 double play off the bat of Turner and the Cubs win easily.

Kershaw had nothing this afternoon and it was great to see Hendricks look like himself once again as he only allowed one extra base hit, the solo homer in the seventh.

FINAL: Dodgers 1, Cubs 7

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