Theo Epstein has resigned as president of baseball operations with the Cubs, thus ending a nine-year run on the north side, which will be remembered as the most successful period in Cubs history. At least for most of us. Not sure who’s still around that enjoyed those back-to-back titles in the 1900s.

Anyway, Jed Hoyer is taking over and he’s probably happy about the pay raise he’s going to get, the title of course, and he no longer has to deal with Theo’s pranks.

Oh yeah, not only is Epstein viewed as one of the greatest MLB executives of our generation, but he’s a pretty damn good prankster too. Just ask Tommy La Stella. Although, I guess Tommy did get the last laugh.

But how about one more hilarious story to add to Theo’s legendary status.

Via Sahadev Sharma in The Athletic.

It was just two years ago that Epstein and Hoyer went out with some friends and Hoyer bowed out early. Hoyer woke up to toilet paper draped across the trees of his Chicago home. His wife Merrill used security footage to prove Epstein and others were the culprits

Yes, seriously. Theo really did TP Jed Hoyer’s house because he didn’t want to stay out too late one night. And yes, there is video proof!

Incredible. Get yourself a president who can win a World Series and TP his GM’s house.

But I mean, is it surprising coming from this dude. Of course Theo would TP Jed’s house.

Oh and by the way, Theo is also hilarious on Twitter.

You know that Jed Hoyer Twitter account? Well, it is definitely not run by Theo *wink* *wink*. Here’s the latest from the Jed account.

From way back in 2009.

And after the Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

Theo Epstein: excellent baseball mind, prankster, great Jed troll on Twitter.