You know what’s even crazier than a writer not even giving Yu Darvish a single vote for NL Cy Young? How about a writer giving Cubs reliever Ryan Tepera an MVP vote?!?!

No, this isn’t some joke or a headline from The Onion, Rick Hummel who’s a beat writer for the Cardinals in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch gave Ryan Tepera a 10th-place MVP vote.

Even for 2020 standards this is pretty damn outrageous.

Hmm, MVP standards have really lowered huh?

Tepera made 21 relief appearances in his first season with the Cubs, posting a 3.92 ERA in 20.2 innings. I mean, yeah, he had filthy stuff as he struck out 32 batters, but how on Earth did Tepera even get on Hummel’s radar for an MVP vote?

You can’t even joke and say that Hummel must have been impressed watching Tepera pitch against the Cardinals because in two games against St. Louis Tepera allowed two runs in 2.1 innings.

Meanwhile, Yu Darvish and Ian Happ also received a few MVP votes.

Nice recognition for both, especially Darvish who also finished second in the NL Cy Young.

So, another landmark day in 2020. Ryan Tepera, MVP vote receiver!