Nothing is guaranteed, but it is great to know that MLB is planning a 2020 season and right now the details of the best case scenario include a 100-game season that will begin on July 1.

Matt Spiegel from 670 The Score dropped this juicy piece of info on Wednesday. Again, nothing is guaranteed and you can’t really predict anything with certainty right now, but this seems to be what MLB is planning as its best case scenario for a 2020 season.

Again, that’s just the plan for now. Things can obviously change and we have no clue when the restrictions from this pandemic will end. However, a 100-game season and a neutral site World Series is the best case scenario even if this does mean another long three months of no baseball.

Several other things have to get worked out until games do resume like expanded rosters, scheduling double headers and how the league will treat another version of spring training and obviously keeping everyone safe.

But hey, Opening Day weekend on Fourth of July weekend? Beers, baseball and blowing shit up. Nothing more American than that.

Fingers crossed that this tentative plan does end up being executed. A shortened season is better than no season.