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Predicting When the Cubs are Calling Up Matt Mervis


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I know the Chicago Cubs are on a roll right now and the offense is looking better than expected, but that’s even more reason to address the massive black hole that is first base. Guess what, the Cubs might actually be good this year, so how about they start to maximize this opportunity and eliminate the bad on their roster.

It is just so painful to watch the lack of production the Cubs have gotten at first base and then realize that they could be even better with someone who was just average at the position. And that’s what truly is frustrating because Matt Mervis IS RIGHT THERE!

This week’s series against the Oakland A’s was supposed to be a chance for a few guys in the Cubs lineup to boost their stats against the worst pitching staff in baseball. Almost everyone who has played did exactly that through the first two games except for the two different first basemen who started.

Trey Mancini is in a terrible slump and after going 0-for-5, with three strikeouts in the series opener Monday night, he’s been benched on Tuesday and Wednesday. Meanwhile, Eric Hosmer got the start on Tuesday night and he went 0-for-4, with four weakly hit ground balls. Following that hitless performance, the Cubs now have the worst offensive production from their first basemen in MLB.

Follow our new Twitter account for real-time updates and in-depth analysis of all things Chicago Cubs.

And again, I want to emphasize that they haven’t just been bad, Hosmer and Mancini playing at first base have been the absolute worst.

Now, I’m not saying that Matt Mervis is the savior for the Chicago Cubs or even that he’s going to be great once he’s called up, but the Cubs literally cannot get worse at first base than they already are at. I know some fans are scared of the unknown and Mervis isn’t considered a no-doubt, star prospect, but we’re also talking about a 25-year-old hitter with an advanced approach at the plate.

So far this season at Triple-A, Mervis is slashing .293/.456/.585, with three home runs and three doubles, but more impressive than anything else is that the left-handed hitting slugger has 13 walks to 9 strikeouts in 57 plate appearances.

It’s relatively early in the season, but it sure does look like the Cubs are going to be in the mix to compete for a playoff spot this year. So, how about not wasting time right now and potentially costing your team wins because you’re counting on guys who don’t project to be good.

The thing is, the Cubs could keep Hosmer. It’s not like David Ross is using Edwin Ríos a lot right now anyway. Call up Mervis, move Hosmer to the bench and hope Mancini gets it going eventually because at $7 million, Mancini isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, unless an injury pops up.

So, when are the Cubs calling up Mervis? I wish it was today or that he was in the starting lineup Thursday night at Wrigley Field against the Los Angeles Dodgers, but realistically it should happen by May.

The beginning of May is when you usually see promotions in the minor leagues anyway, so it lines up perfectly for Mervis to start off on the road, but in front of his close ones. Also, as much as I hate it, this timeline gives Hosmer another 10 days to show something before the Cubs can know they gave a veteran guy a fair shot before moving on.

Until Mervis is called up, Cubs fans will keep pounding the table for him. Deservedly so.

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