Tuesday, May 30, 2023

MLB Writer Believes All Cubs Fans Are Stupid


If it was possible, I could read and write about baseball all day. I love reading the thoughts and ideas of some of baseball’s most prominent writers to try and learn from their expertise from being in the industry for decades on end. There are very few writers that I read that really puzzle me because the guys in the industry that I really respect: Jesse Rogers, Gordon Wittenmyer, and Mark Gonzalez usually write about things that I’d agree with 99% of the time.

On the other hand however, there’s Phil Rogers.

I’m sure Phil is an outstanding citizen of this country and to be honest, he has a lot more credibility from being involved with the MLB since 1984.

However, I’ve already ripped apart one of his earlier columns this month and just yesterday he wrote an article telling Cubs fans how we should “handle success” and to be honest with you, after I finished reading it, my head almost exploded.

I’m happy to report that my head did NOT explode but I was still perplexed this morning when I woke up so of course I felt obligated to respond to Phil yet again.

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