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MLB Insider Predicts Corey Seager Signing With Cubs


I might be setting myself up for complete disappointment, but I can’t lie to myself either. As each day passes this offseason my optimism is growing about the Cubs potentially making a big free agent signing. The latest bit of info comes from CBS Sports writer R.J. Anderson, who made predictions on the top-20 free agents.

Like every other prediction article, you can take these with a grain of salt. However, this isn’t just someone saying “player x is going to team x” because Anderson also dropped a welcomed surprise for Cubs fans.

Prediction: Corey Seager Signs with Cubs

Here’s what Anderson said about his Corey Seager signing with the Cubs prediction.

Via CBS Sports.

The Cubs have been signaling, both publicly and privately, that they intend to spend money this winter. Seager would provide a face to their new-look roster while also giving their lineup a much-needed boost. That Seager may have to eventually slide off shortstop seems like less of a problem for a team in transition than it was for, say, the Dodgers.

“The Cubs have been signaling, both publicly and privately, that they intend to spend money this winter.”

Hello! Yes, please!!!

OK, OK. Take a deep breath. We know that Jed Hoyer has alluded to having resources this offseason to, you know, actually spend on players. However, he also lowered the expectations by saying the team would spend intelligently and although there has been talk of more action from the Cubs this winter a few local beat writers have tempered the mood on any huge contracts.

Cubs Linked to Free Agent Shortstops

At the same time, there is no doubt the Cubs are at least keeping an eye on the free agent, shortstop class. The first time we heard from the national media connecting the Cubs to the elite free agents was in October, when ESPN’s Buster Olney wrote the following.


“[T]he Cubs are seen as a wild card in the shortstop market, and some Chicago staffers have been cultivating information about the elite shortstops.”

Yes, you’re right. All buzz words that at the time probably didn’t mean much. But the noise hasn’t stopped and during the GM Meetings, Jon Heyman also brought up the Cubs in relation to the top free agent shortstops.

For whatever it’s worth, Heyman has predicted the Cubs signing Javier Báez to a $100million+ deal.

We’ve also seen MLB reporter Mark Feinsand list the Cubs as one of six most likely suitors for Seager. Feinsand has also linked the Cubs to free agent pitcher Kevin Gausman. So, in Feinsand’s mind the Cubs will be in the mix at the top of the market.

And that brings us back to Anderson and the tidbit about the Cubs not only making it public that they’re going to spend, but telling people within the industry as well. How much money they’re willing to spend is ultimately the big question though.

I’m not all too familiar with Anderson, but as Bleacher Nation pointed out, Anderson broke the Blake Snell trade between the Rays and Padres last year and then he was the first to report about San Diego’s interest in still trading for Yu Darvish afterward, which ultimately happened.

So yeah, Anderson has come credibility.

Of course, all this will be meaningless if the Cubs don’t act on what they say. Will this be a quick rebuild after trading the core in the summer or will some fans be right and we’re in for a rough couple years?

That was one of the big talking points in the latest Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast. Check us out.

While Anderson isn’t flat out reporting that the Cubs are actively pursuing Seager, his prediction aligns with other national media about the Cubs staying engaged in the shortstop class in free agency.

Last week, ESPN’s Jeff Passan wrote about Seager among other free agents, signing earlier than expected.

So, if the Cubs truly are interested in the top free agent shortstops, and if Seager is a target for them, we could get a specific report on that soon.

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