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Latest Pete Alonso Trade Rumors Send Cubs and Mets Fans Into a Frenzy


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Offseason trade rumors are fun, but things really get spicy when specific players in potential proposals begin to be reported by major media outlets. ESPN’s Jesse Rogers added to the conversation on Thursday, when he brought up New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso and how he would be a fit with the Cubs if the Mets decide to trade the slugger away this offseason.

At this point of the offseason that type of report from Rogers doesn’t move the needle all that much because everyone knows that the Cubs are interested in Alonso if he’s made available. However, Rogers actually added something new. Who would the Cubs send back to the Mets as the centerpiece for an Alonso trade?

According to Rogers, it would be Christopher Morel.


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The team also has power-hitting infielder/outfielder Christopher Morel playing first base during winter ball in an attempt to find a home for him around the diamond. If the New York Mets were to make Pete Alonso available for a trade, the Cubs could be a fit, with Morel as a centerpiece player in return, according to sources familiar with their thinking.

That was picked up by New York media and holy shit are Mets fans not having any of it.

The consensus among Mets fans is that one year of control for Alonso is worth way, way, way more than five years of control for Morel.

And on the other side, Cubs fans are fighting back by pointing out that Morel, who is still 24-years-old, had a fairly similar 2023 season to Alonso, who will be 29-years-old in a few weeks. But the important part is that Morel still has five more years of team control, while Alonso is headed toward free agency following the 2024 season.

In 2023, Morel was called up until the second week of May. He ended the season with 26 home runs and an .821 OPS in 107 games. Nothing about his offensive approach was a fluke either. Ever since he made his MLB debut in 2022, Morel has consistently made hard contact and that got even better in 2023.

So yeah, there is no chance in hell the Cubs would ever trade Morel for Alonso this offseason.

This isn’t to say the Cubs need to completely shy away from trade talks that involve Morel, but save those discussions for a guy like Juan Soto. Look bigger. The only thing that would change my mind on this is if the Cubs know and are guaranteed an extension with Alonso. Then yeah, of course, you make the deal, but locking up Alonso to a long-term deal if he’s traded is far from a sure thing.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong here. Let us know what you think. Would you trade Morel for Alonso right now, knowing that Alonso will most likely test free agency after the 2024 season?


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Nov 16, 2023 1:27 pm

Not a fan of Jesse Rogers anyway, shape or form, never have been. Didn’t like him on 670 the score, ESPN, WGN, when he did Cubs games. None of that, he is not reliable, and not legit.
I think what he meant was: Morel could be part of a group of players the Cubs would trade for Alonso. The other people involved obviously would be minor-league prospects but Jesse in his haste to put out a story. Probably couldn’t get the description correct and just spewed out there in the way that he does.

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