Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Here’s Two Reasons Why You Should Watch The Cubs Representatives In The World Baseball Classic


Most baseball experts would argue that the World Baseball Classic is a useless tournament that nobody takes serious. In addition that it, it happens to fall right in the middle of Spring Training which makes exactly zero MLB managers happy. While I wouldn’t disagree with the viewpoint that the tournament is a pain in the ass, I would never say that it is useless either.

The value of the two week tournament lies in the opportunity for players to show their pride in their country by representing them on the field as well as getting to team up with other MLB players that they’ve had relationships with since they were young children.

The Cubs will be represented on two teams, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, during the tournament which runs from March 6-22. Javier Baez will play for Puerto Rico and Hector Rondon will play for Venezuela.

For those who are saying the WBC is a waste of time, I’ll give you two concrete reasons you should watch the tournament (at least the games that involve Baez and Rondon).

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