Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Here’s The Most Obvious Example Of An Umpire Calling Balls As Strikes To End A Game Early


The Chicago Cubs called up right-handed pitcher Justin Hancock before Wednesday’s game against the Miami Marlins. During the blowout, Hancock made his MLB debut, recording his first career strikeout in the big leagues. He also got his first RBI…well he did but the home plate umpire blatantly robbed him.

Hancock was up with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the seventh inning. The Cubs were leading 12-3 and yes it’s not out of the ordinary to see umpires expand the strike zone late in blowout games, but this was way too obvious.

I mean, look at this garbage call. It is nowhere near the outside edge.

So, let the record show this was Hancock’s first career RBI and fuck Ted Barrett, who apparently made some early dinner reservations.

By the way, that brutal strike call wasn’t even the worst one of the inning. Look at the two strike calls to Javier Baez.

Garbage umpiring.

And I know, it’s a long damn game and it’s a blowout, but then what’s the point of even playing if this type of shit is going to happen. Call the game the right way, or make up a dumb mercy rule like it’s little league if you’re too damn lazy to properly umpire a game.

Just pathetic from Ted Barrett.

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