Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Cubs Fans Will Love MLB The Show ’18’s Attention To Detail


All throughout my youth and into early adulthood, I loved to play video games. I was raised on Joe Montana Football, RBI Baseball, and a little gem few people will respect — Bases Loaded. My love (and time) for video games came to a screeching halt three years ago when my beautiful daughter was born because as it turned out, kids take up all of your free time.

Who would of guessed it?

However, now that my daughter is three-years-old and can seemingly entertain herself, I’ve been thinking about buying a console to resume my video game playing career. I’ll be the first to tell you that I know NOTHING about the difference between consoles because all the graphics look the exact same to me. I learned quickly that people are pretty passionate about the age old argument of — PlayStation vs. Xbox. I asked around to get some different perspectives and you would have thought I was asking the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Seriously people, it’s only a video game console.

It’s not that deep.

I’ll probably end up buying a Playstation because I just saw a trailer for one of the platform’s biggest sports games, MLB The Show ’18. The game is set to release on March 27th and has some pretty bad ass features: you can run a franchise, collect cards to build the ultimate team, or try to become a superstar hitter or pitcher in Road to the Show.

The selling point for me however, was the attention to detail that the game’s creators had — specifically with the Chicago Cubs. The game will feature the newest tradition at Wrigley Field (and one of my favorite traditions already), bullpen dance-offs.

To put the video game into perspective, here’s the real life version of the bullpen celebrations.


The fact that I know every time I smack a home run in The Show ’18 I get to watch my little video game characters bust out their best dance moves may just be the selling point for me to get my video game life on yet again.

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