Thursday, February 22, 2024

Cubs Expose Marlins as Liars Over Steve Bartman Promotion


Way back in April, the Miami Marlins were sending around a ticket promotion for their home series against the Chicago Cubs that was marketed around a, “Steve Bartman Appreciation Weekend.”

Yes, Cubs fans were extremely shitty toward Bartman following the infamous foul ball that he went for during Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS at Wrigley Field. We made his love of the Cubs turn into a miserable existence, forcing him to completely remove himself from the public eye. That’s on us. Shameful stuff.

The Marlins, 20 years later, still trying to profit off that is fucking bullshit and they should be just as embarrassed if not more because at least Cubs fans have moved on from piling on and instead call out the foolishness of still trying to poke fun at Bartman.

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So, the Marlins came up with that idea, made a graphic, sent it out, and then they walked it back and claimed it was all an accident.

Well, it turns out that the Marlins might have one, looked at the online backlash and two were scolded by the Cubs that led to them pulling back their Bartman idea.

Paul Sullivan wrote a column on Bartman this week and in it he revealed that Crane Kenney, the Cubs president of business operations, called the Marlins about this promotion to voice his and the Cubs’ displeasure.

Via the Chicago Tribune.

In April the Miami Marlins promoted a “Steve Bartman Appreciation Day” on social media for a series against the Cubs, but the idea was quickly squelched after Kenney contacted the Marlins to voice a complaint.

All Steve Bartman has wanted since that October night in 2003 is to be left alone. Just leave him alone. Fuck the Marlins for their bullshit. And hey, Crane Kenney finally did something Cubs fans can all agree is good.

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