Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Zach LaVine Breaks Silence Amid Trade Rumors


It seems every week there is a new trade rumor floating around Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine. Well, the 2x All-Star finally provided his thoughts on the current situation. Ryan Taylor of NBC Sports caught up with LaVine where his answer didn’t necessarily shut down recent reports regarding his future with the Bulls.

“I always rep my city whichever team I’m playing for to the best. And Chicago’s loved me and called me one of their own since I’ve been there. I don’t see anything happening anytime soon. But if it does, Chicago always has my love.”

If LaVine knew he was safe and that he’d for sure be hooping in Chicago next season, why would he use the word “soon”? To me, that feels more like a matter of when and not if regarding a possible blockbuster deal going down. However, my stance on this is that the Bulls are looking to deal the wrong star. LaVine is still only 28 years old. If anyone is to be dealt, it should be DeMar DeRozan. He is still a walking bucket, averaging almost 25 PPG last season. But regression is likely on the horizon as he will be turning 34 next month. But I am sure a contender would be willing to part ways with some draft capital in order to acquire a proven scorer like DeMar. So it just makes more sense to take calls on him rather than LaVine who still has a lot more room to grow as a player.

Potential Landing Spots For Zach LaVine?

There are your obvious suitors in Philadelphia and Portland. The rumors surrounding Damian Lillard and James Harden, just make those two teams easy trade partners. But another team that I consider a dark horse are the New York Knicks. If the Knicks are willing to include a couple firsts and maybe a young player or two, I think the Bulls should at least consider it. But as of right now, I believe the front office will stand pat and see what this team looks like heading into 2023. If the struggles continue, perhaps trade talks heat up again before the All-Star break.


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Lynn Todd
Lynn Todd
Jul 14, 2023 10:51 am

Of the three, he is the most the Bulls can obtain in draft capital. The other two are on their last legs. It’s that simple. Time to tear it down.

Jul 14, 2023 10:45 am


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