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The Bulls Will Get Back On Track, Here’s Why


The Chicago Bulls have had a rollercoaster season dealing with COVID protocols, injuries, and outside slander. There was a 9-game win streak that was quickly followed up by several losses. This then led to yet another injury when Alex Caruso was thrown down by Grayson Allen that would result in a 6-8 week recovery time after surgery. We also can’t forget that Lonzo Ball and Zach Lavine are dealing with injuries of their own. All of this seems to add up to one big disaster.

Although it would make sense for a team to fold when facing this type of pressure and situation, this isn’t the type of team where that would happen. The city of Chicago takes pride in not backing down, and we love to prove people wrong. The same holds true for the Chicago Bulls, and it all starts at the top. Some coaches may dodge challenging questions from the media, especially when asked about a call that was made during a game. For Head Coach Billy Donovan, he was ready to back up his team.

This is everything you dream to have in a head coach…hint hint, Bears. Somebody who will be open and give an honest take while backing up your own player? Yep. And that’s exactly what we get from Donovan. He remains respectful and keeps his composure, but we all knew what he really wanted to say. This type of character from a coach feeds through a roster, and it’s clear that he’s building chemistry among this team like no other.

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This Team Just Wants To Win

Losses may make fans overthink and assume that something is going on inside the locker room or outside the court that’s causing the team to slump as of late. But from everything we’ve seen, this Bulls team continues to stand up for one another and doesn’t let these losses affect them.

It says a lot when teammates interact on social media, but it speaks even louder when it’s after a string of L’s. But, this team has no quit in them. Whoever has to step up seems to step up, and whoever needs to play a specific role is willing to do that. Take a look at Ayo for example.

This is a rookie we’re talking about, folks. One could assume that a first-year player isn’t going to be able to hold his own, but Ayo showed zero signs that he wasn’t built for the big stage. This says a lot for a head coach to have so much confidence to play him, but that’s just Billy Donovan being true to himself. He sticks to his game plan and he knows what this team needs to succeed, even though it may come from players you don’t expect as much.

Healthy Team Will Be Tough To Beat

It may be a different-looking team for a little bit, but this Bulls team proved what they can do when they are fully healthy. They went from receiving no attention last year to being the 1st place team in the Eastern Conference before the injury bug swept through the Windy City. But that’s exactly what you should get fired up about. These next couple of months will allow for players to step up and prove themselves, while also forcing players to play a different type of role than they may have been used to before.

So, although it can be easy to get down as a fan, just remember how this team played when we had everyone healthy. Don’t remember?

The Chicago Bulls will be back, and they’ll be hungry. Watch out, NBA.

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