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Patrick Williams Predicted To Land With Eastern Conference Rival


Bleacher Report has released their rendition of where ten of the most highly coveted free agents will land before the following season tips off, and Chicago’s 22-year-old forward Patrick Williams was one of the hottest names of the bunch. At a younger age than several of the draftees in the 2024 NBA Draft, his upside is still immeasurable, but with little growth through his first four campaigns, it’s tough to justify a new contract at the price he’s asking. In addition, he’s only played in 213 of the possible 320 contests, meaning he’s missed over 33% of potential outings in Chicago with various injuries. Where does Bleacher Report’s Grant Hughes see the Florida State Seminole going, and do the Bulls try to contend with a qualifying offer?

“Stellar Fit” In Toronto

Hughes writes that Patrick Williams is likely not returning to Chicago, primarily because he hasn’t shown any sizeable or measurable growth. While he is still very young, the potential hasn’t surfaced. Many Bulls fans hoped that the former fourth overall selection in 2020 would become the next face of the franchise. Still, unlike much of his draft class that has since shown flashes of stardom, Williams has yet to increase a single statistical category by one whole number. Since his rookie campaign, his points have increased by .80, his field goal percentage has dropped 4.0% while only taking one more shot per contest, his three-point rate hasn’t increased by a whole percentage point, and his rebounds and assists have remained stagnant or decreased. While he is one of the league’s most pesky and versatile defenders, the offensive end has been a failed experiment.

Toronto has done something Chicago refuses to embark on: swallowed its losses, shipped its valuable assets, and begun a rebuild. With a dozen players aged 25 or younger and only three over 30, the Raptors have given themselves a future with a young core oozing with potential. Adding Patrick Williams would be another lengthy, versatile young player with a high upside.

Favorites To Draft His Replacement

The departure of Williams means Chicago is left with a void at power forward. He was their most versatile defender, a somewhat reliable catch-and-shoot three-point threat, and occasionally contributed to the rebounding effort. Swapping in someone with similar length, more energy, and a better offensive skill set will help alleviate some of the constant scoring pressure on DeMar DeRozan and Coby White. Cody Williams, a University of Colorado forward, has been tagged to the Bulls in several early mock drafts.

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At only 19 years old, Williams will have four years to catch up to where his predecessor is and will make significantly less money. If Patrick Williams’s wish is granted, he’ll earn over $20 million annually across the life of a four or more-year contract, a burden the Bulls should not trap themselves in.

Would you vote to move on from Patrick Williams, or does the 23-year-old deserve an extension in the Windy City? If Hughes is on the right track, he’ll be gone before the 2024-25 season tips off.


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May 17, 2024 5:35 am

Agreed. Way past time to shake things up. The ongoing status-quo is a failure.

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