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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again? Ayo Dosunmu Returns


Here at Sports Mockery, we aren’t one to toot a horn. We don’t like to claim that we called something beforehand and call out the haters who said we were crazy. But, this time it’s different. Did we not say the Chicago Bulls would be back, people? We did, and all we’re seeing is red after that win against the Magic late Tuesday night.

It’s been quite a season for the Bulls having to battle COVID restrictions, injuries, sickness, more injuries, and did we mention injuries? Forget the injuries and all the excuses because that’s exactly what seems to be the motto of this relentless team.

Orlando’s Magic No Mystery For Bulls

For starters (no pun intended) this seemed to be a completely different team from the jump. No Lonzo Ball or Alex Caruso just seems weird on paper, but the Bulls didn’t seem to mind the absences. It was a battle from the get-go, but the Bulls seemed to have a piece that the Orlando Magic didn’t, at least in tonight’s matchup.

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Ayo Dosunmu came into this league as the 38th overall pick in last year’s draft. If you haven’t heard by now, we honestly aren’t sure where you’ve been. But, this kid was an absolute steal in the NBA draft. Not just an ordinary steal either. He came out of college as one of the biggest studs, leading his team to a Big Ten championship all while falling short against an insane, Cinderella in-state team. Disregarding that, tonight’s showdown proved why we don’t take the Chicago native for granted.

It seems that Head Coach Billy Donovan also agrees with the fact that we got a dream in the draft, but he had to put it in the nicest way possible. Honestly though, this 22-year-old man just put up 13 points, 9 assists, 1 rebound, and a steal in a game that matters way more than people could have thought. Oh, why was this game so big you ask?

Already Breaking Last Season’s Record

Yep, you read that correctly. The Windy City Bulls have won more games than they did ALL last year. Have a drink, Coach Donovan. This is seriously something that the city of Chicago doesn’t take lightly. We care about our sports teams more than our family Thanksgiving dinners…sorry, Grandma. But honestly, a solid, hard-fought Chicago win is something that we take pride in. We work our tails off day in and day out and the sports teams bring us a joy that not many things can in life, especially when they’re winning. And that’s exactly what the Bulls seem to be doing.

SO, shoutout to the rest on the league. The Chicago Bulls are back winning ball games, and they’re back in 1st place in the Eastern Conference. This wasn’t just done by the steal of the draft, but also by the help of the leaders and veterans.

All of the players that needed to step up seemed to step up, and the MVP duo of DeMar DeRozan and Zach Lavine are continuing to prove why they deserve to actually have a co-MVP trophy this year. Seriously though, why shouldn’t they? DeMar put up a mere 29 point, 10 rebound, and 5 assist game while Lavine added 26 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. These two continue to show that they are leaders day in and day out.

Chicago, the Bulls are back, and it’s time to get rowdy. Let’s keep seeing red.

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