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Former NBA Champion Executive Exposes Zach LaVine Amid Trade Rumors


Scott Perry, a 20-year NBA Executive for the Pistons, Thunder, Magic, Kings, and Knicks, had some harsh words when giving the perspective of opposing general managers regarding the Bulls’ two-time All-Star. It’s been recently reported that Alex Caruso and Patrick Williams are currently more sought-after assets in Chicago than LaVine, and to many, that may be head-scratching considering these two have never earned an All-Star nod, never averaged over ten points in an NBA season, and are role players compared to LaVine’s star status. Where does Perry find value in LaVine, and why might his price be lower than anticipated?

“Does He Impact Winning Basketball?”

This is a seven-year debate for many Chicago Bulls fans and is still not decided on for much of the franchise’s following. Many thought that trading away Jimmy Butler for Zach LaVine seven years ago was a mistake, but the former UCLA guard grew tremendously as a player for the Bulls and won over much of the fanbase over his tenure. He’s earned his first two All-Star nods, seen his first postseason action, and averaged over 20 points in all seven seasons there. However, wins have not been his strong suit in the statbook.

With his salary being in the top 20 in the NBA for the next four years, LaVine not receiving a single All-Star vote in 2022 was not a great start to his lucrative extension worth over $40 million annually. He’s also never been given an All-NBA vote, let alone a nomination to an All-NBA team. This is looking like an increasingly lousy deal on Chicago’s part.

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Facing The Facts

Much like James Harden, as great as it is to add a multi-time All-Star and elite scoring talent, there’s a cost to the addition. Not only is his demeanor a ball-dominant one on the court, but he is an intermittently disgruntled one off of it, coupled with paying him over $40 million per year for the next four, which is a scary sight for rivaling front offices. Perry, a former front office member, echoed the same concerns surrounding the LaVine trade rumors.

Truthfully, LaVine has only appeared in four meaningful games in his career beyond the regular season, and he’s only been victorious in one. That’s not a resume that lines up with the 17th highest-paid player in the league, and certainly too high of a price tag for what Perry calls “a third option” who can score at an elite level but does not “impact winning at the level his money says he should impact.”

Every other player in the top 20 salaries for this season has either won an NBA Championship or has at least one All-NBA team selection. In most cases, they have both honors. LaVine’s also got the second-least All-Star selections in that group and the fewest playoff appearances by dozens of games, including being the only player to never see beyond the first round of postseason play.

As harsh as Perry might sound, he’s speaking the truth about a player who has underperformed for his price tag and will likely turn away several potential trade partners because the cost does not match the product.


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Dec 3, 2023 5:27 pm

Zach LaVine not a winner poor basketball IQ having him not in the lineup gives the Bulls a better chance and it looks like the kids on the team like it!

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