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“Do Not Be Surprised” If He’s Dealt Before Deadline, Says NBA Correspondent


Following two embarrassingly horrible losses, Chicago’s floodgates may soon open before the trade deadline. One of the most established NBA reporters in the industry spoke on the Eastern Conference’s hottest trade names, and one unexpected Chicago Bull was brought up. Given that he’s not earning many minutes and has been in and out of the lineup in his first year with the team, Andre Drummond might be the first Bulls player headed out the door in what could turn into a roster massacre, says Marc Stein.

Nothing To Lose

Despite being healthy the whole season, Andre Drummond has only appeared in 36 of the Bulls’ 48 games and is averaging a measly 13 minutes per contest. The former two-time all-star, four-time rebounding champion, and 2016 All-NBA Third Team member has since become a journeyman. Beginning his career starting virtually every game in Detroit for eight seasons, he’s made stops in Cleveland, Los Angeles (Lakers), Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and now Chicago, starting only 83 games over his last three seasons.

Averaging a double-double almost every year of his career, Drummond is still an impactful big man known for his offensive-rebounding tenacity and powerful inside-scoring style. He’s had nine games this season of ten or more rebounds off the bench and is shooting over 85% from the field this month with the Bulls, proving he’s still able to make an impact in the paint.

Potential Deals

At his current state, Andre Drummond would probably entice teams to sacrifice slightly more than they would in the buyout market. Given that he’s been there before and is in that category of player now, his explosiveness this year may extract a bit more return for Chicago. Any teams on the verge of contention looking for a veteran presence and solid minutes from an inside scoring and bully-style player should throw their name in the ring for Drummond. Sacramento or Brooklyn are the two most likely destinations for the Bulls’ big man; let’s draw up what they would look like.

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Back To Brooklyn For Cam Thomas

Brooklyn Nets Receive: Andre Drummond (Bulls pay $500,000 of his salary)

Chicago Bulls Receive: Cam Thomas

Given that Brooklyn is dead last in the NBA in rebounding and bottom eight in paint scoring, Drummond would be a great addition to combat the overwhelming size and strength of fellow Eastern Conference foes Philadelphia, Boston, and Milwaukee. At the expense of Cam Thomas, who has only seen the floor in 31 of their 48 games and averages similarly minuscule minutes as Drummond, it would be a shot in the dark for Chicago at the price of someone who rarely sees the floor for them anymore anyways. Thomas has shown flashes of high-scoring abilities, and with Chicago lacking consistent bench-scoring, the 21-year-old guard would be a great flyer to take a chance on.

Ship To Sacramento For Draft Capital

With Sacramento sitting in the bottom portion of the league and running mainly a pick-and-roll offense, Drummond would be a tremendous bench-depth addition for a team currently standing third in the Western Conference. Chicago would let the big man go in exchange for future draft capital.

Sacramento Kings Receive: Andre Drummond

Chicago Bulls Receive: 2023 Second Round Selection (via IND)

In a win-win deal, the Kings could acquire a bully-ball paint presence in exchange for a pick received in the Tyrese Haliburton deal. Chicago rarely using Drummond anymore would translate to future draft capital, and a second-round selection in the 10-14 range would produce more profit than simply cutting the veteran center and should be considered a positive.

With all signs pointed to dumping Drummond one way or another, Chicago should hope for any return that would be better than a release and buyout market landing spot. Whether it’s a young undeveloped bench piece or draft capital, the Bulls could use any level of a flyer in exchange for a player who is as good as gone. Without having much-standing ground in negotiations, who should the Bulls target to deal the veteran center?


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