Yet again the Bulls will have a game postponed. This time it will be their game against the Toronto Raptors in Florida. It turns out the Raptors won’t have 8 players to field a team due to health and safety protocols.

This was going to be the first of two back-to-back games for the Bulls. The team flew to Florida in preparation for this game and now will need to head back to Chicago. The Bulls host the Denver Nuggets tomorrow night. While it is unfortunate to have yet another game postponed this should help the Bulls overall.

A little extra rest never hurts

The Bulls are going to get a night of rest instead of a night of playing. This is big for a team that was about to have back-to-back games in Florida and Chicago.

With the extra rest, the Bulls should come out ready to go against the Nuggets at home tomorrow. However, the long-term issues from this postponement could be a huge problem for the Bulls.

The condensed schedule will not favor the Bulls

The Bulls already will have 8 back-to-back series in the second half of their schedule. Now with another postponed game, it will have to be added somewhere. That means the Bulls will probably find themselves playing an additional back-to-back series. The Bull’s schedule is already so packed that we could even potentially see three games in a row if they have to fit it in. There were two other postponed games in the Bulls season so figuring out how to fit all of this in is going to be a nightmare. There is one thing the Bulls have on their side and that’s youth.

Youth is on this teams side

The Bulls have a very young team so playing back-to-back games should work out alright in the long run. While there are still some vets on the team who will need to rest the core of the team is young.

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This young core can certainly use their youth to their advantage. A lot of teams are going to have condensed second halves of the season. That is going to leave the East pretty wide open in terms of standings. The Bulls are currently the 8th seed in the East. They want to continue their success and a condensed schedule could work in their favor. It’s very possible they will find themselves up against teams without some of their key players due to load management. Barring injuries the Bulls should have their key young core.

It will be interesting to see how the NBA will fit these postponed games into the second half of the season. It’s possible that these games won’t be played in the end but that’s something for the NBA to decide. The team will be left with very few practice days so they will need to stay consistent as a team and work with one another to get better. It looks like this team will be alright in that regard.

Let’s hope the locker room can keep up this level of comradery. It’s going to be tough but the Bulls seem ready to handle what is to come.