Sunday, August 14, 2022

Otto Porter Jr. Is Now A Chicago Bull


The Chicago Bulls acquired Otto Porter in exchange for Bobby Portis, Jabari Parker, and a 2023 second round pick.

I had reported last week that Bobby Portis was being shopped and everyone saw the writing on the walls with Jabari Parker.

Bringing in Otto Porter is a bit of a head scratcher, though he does fill the need the Chicago Bulls have been looking for, the Small Forward position. He has an above average PER and fits the 3 and D mold.

The head-scratching part is the contract. It looks like once again the Bulls won’t be big-time players in free agency.

Washington Wizards$26,011,913$27,250,576$28,489,239


A lot of money is tied up into Zach Lavine and Otto Porter Jr and the Bulls won’t have a lot of flexibility to make a splash. Thanks, GarPax! You’ve done an excellent job! (Sarcasm)

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