Sunday, July 3, 2022

Bobby Portis Is On A Full Blown Trolling Spree


Tonight’s Bulls game was going to be a fun one regardless with Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker coming back to town just three days after they were traded, but Portis is going the extra mile on social media to bring as much intrigue as possible to this otherwise meaningless February game.

This was Bobby’s last tweet as a Bull, 24 hours before being traded.

Just a dude being a good teammate and role model for the G-League squad.

Since that tweet, Bobby has been using his Twitter fingers to fire off nothing but shade.

Portis loved being a Bull, but he’s holding nothing back in regards to how he feels about the organization moving on from him.

Hey, he scored 33 in his last game as a Bull and 30 in his first game as a Wizard, he can say whatever he wants right now.

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