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Bidding War Brewing For Zach LaVine


After signing a massive $216 million deal with the Chicago Bulls last summer, Zach LaVine could be dealt almost six months after failing to make the All-Star team despite staying healthy most of the season. According to Jake Fischer, several teams are ready to pull the trigger on the 27-year-old scoring machine if the Bulls feel he’s not worth the max price he’s currently locked into for the next four and a half years. In a seller’s market where teams can receive a haul of draft picks mixed with young talent, the Bulls must seriously consider all of their options sitting in the 10th seed in the east.

Generally, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Between Yahoo Sports and ESPN rolling out several Zach LaVine trade scenarios, there must be conversations in the front office to send LaVine packing to a new city by next week. Whether or not the Bulls decide to pull the trigger on retooling the roster around DeMar DeRozan’s strength or standing pat at the deadline, they are in no position to not listen to offers at this point into the season.

Zach LaVine Trade Package To The Dallas Mavericks

Bulls Trade: Zach LaVine

Mavericks Trade: Spencer Dinwiddie and Christian Wood

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When an All-Star player is traded, several picks are involved in the deal. However, to keep this trade scenario clean for both sides, it’d be easier if the Mavericks went all-in on a package with talent over draft picks. The Bulls might not want to pivot too much with DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic playing the best basketball of their Bulls career. Simply tweaking the roster by adding Spencer Dinwiddie and Christian Wood, two young but very talented players, the Bulls could make a strong playoff push now and have pieces to build around once they decide to move on from an aging DeRozan and Vucevic. Besides getting lucky by acquiring Luka Doncic on draft night, the Mavericks have continuously failed to attract big-name players for the past few decades. If they want to keep Luka Doncic around, they’d have to make a splash for a star player like LaVine to show their good faith in improving the roster.

Zach LaVine Trade Package To The New York Knicks

Bulls Trade: Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic

Knicks Trade: RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Obi Toppin, Evan Fournier

This is a deal both teams would consider themselves lucky if they could get done. LaVine is a prototypical New York Knicks star player. He’s a flashy, high-volume scorer and typically puts up empty-calorie stats, like Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks would be more than happy to overpay for LaVine. The Bulls failed to reach an extension agreement with Nikola Vucevic. They still have the opportunity to negotiate before the deadline, but they seem too far apart in their conversations. Tossing Vucevic into the deal to acquire his replacement with Mitchell Robinson and a few young promising players could be the best-case scenario for the Bulls.

Zach LaVine Trade Package To The Heat

Bulls Trade: Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic

Heat Trade: Kyle Lowry and Bam Adebayo

There aren’t a lot of realistic trade scenarios for both teams, which involve Zach LaVine. As Yahoo Sports mentioned, the Heat are interested in LaVine. The issue is salary matching, which complicates any potential deal. The Bulls would be interested in Tyler Herro, but his $5 million salary makes it tough to include in a simple swap with picks for LaVine. The Bulls would have their eye on Bam Adebayo. Consider this deal an exchange between Bam and Lavine, but Kyle Lowry and Nikola Vucevic included filling the gaps on the rosters as constructed. Neither team would be excited to get this deal done.

Zach LaVine Trade Package To The Lakers

Bulls Trade: Zach LaVine

Lakers Trade: Russell Westbrook and 2027 and 2029 unprotected first-round picks

ESPN’s Bobby Marks gave a misguided trade scenario that included Javonte Green, Lonzo Ball, and Zach LaVine to acquire those first-round picks. While those picks are valuable, they are also a long way away from being useful. This deal would have the Bulls in complete rebuild mode, which doesn’t seem to be their plan. This could be the best package for LaVine if you examine the trade in 2030. As of now, the Bulls wouldn’t be too interested in sending LaVine to the Lakers unless Anthony Davis is in the trade package.


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Feb 3, 2023 1:12 pm

Uh…Spencer Dinwiddie is young?

Feb 3, 2023 12:26 pm

I wanna know who floated the Lakers trade idea, and why people are running with it? You’re talking about 1st rd picks 6-7 years away. No idea whose gonna be in that class. We’re talking about players who are in middle school, jr high, and maybe early HS. Thats the dumbest idea Ive heard in a long while. Lakers have nothing and are cap strung. Ludacrous!

Jeff Clay
Jeff Clay
Feb 3, 2023 12:19 pm

I’ll take the Knicks offer the rest are trash.

Feb 3, 2023 11:55 am

Bam and herro is the only package I’d take unless Russ is an expiring contract

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