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Assessing The Possibility Of Bronny James In Chicago


Three days into the NBA Combine, one name has remained at the center of attention leaguewide: LeBron James Jr., or Bronny James. Some say he may go mid-to-late first round, others have him a surefire second-round pick, while there’s still a crowd saying he’ll be one of the first undrafted free agents to ink with an NBA franchise. The most intriguing part of his early days attempting to turn professional was the discrepancy in height between what he was previously listed as during his playing time at USC and what the actual measurement showed just days ago. Listed as 6’4″ in college last season, his official height was tallied at 6′ 1.5″, but he did boast a 6’8″ wing span despite being significantly shorter than previously reported. With the combine just down the road from the United Center, have the Bulls checked in on Bronny James, and if so, would they consider taking him in the upcoming draft?

Not Much Value Besides Ratings

Realistically, a 6’1″ off-ball guard is rare in the NBA. Only 20 active players listed at 6″1 or shorter played 50 or more games for a team this past season, all of which were listed as a point guard, and four were undrafted. James Jr. will be an off-ball guard even if he’s listed as a point guard. His lengthy wing span is his saving grace, and his tenacious defense and ability to effectively stretch the floor could earn his place on the court. Nonetheless, as many NBA front offices have already said, he’s got a very enticing seat-filling upside that could bolster his stock beyond his playing abilities.

In the next two weeks, James Jr. will have to decide if he’s committed to his NBA career this summer or if he’ll return to the college stage, where he’s already entered the transfer portal. Not granted many opportunities offensively a season ago, returning to school may give him a chance to prove to NBA scouts that he’s more than a scrappy defender and generalist on the floor; he can also produce offense at the highest level. If a franchise has nothing to lose at the end of a round or is hurting in the revenue department, this could be a very appealing option to create buzz around their franchise.

Doesn’t Make Sense In Chicago

Plain and simple, Bronny James does not have a spot on the Chicago Bulls roster. While he could present excitement within the G-League arena and create plenty of debates circling the arguments between Michael Jordan and LeBron James and potentially drag the latter to the Bulls as he closes out his career, his son’s talents do not coincide with Chicago’s goals. As he’s stated many times during this process, James Jr. wants a team to draft him or sign him because of his talent aside from the name on his jersey or his father, and for the Bulls, that player doesn’t belong.

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Coby White is playing the best basketball of his young career, coming off a runner-up Most Improved Player season. Zach LaVine’s imminent departure will leave a void the size of nearly 18 shot attempts per game over the past six seasons, a role this guard does not fit. With a similar playing style to Lonzo Ball, who is set to return from injury this year for the first time in three campaigns, this draft selection would be purely experimental and to create attention. If Karnisovas and company are true to their word to start this summer, they’ll be drafting players who can immediately contribute to a playoff push during the 2024-25 season or trading them for assets that can.

Would you entertain the idea of reinvigorating energy into this franchise with a move for Bronny James and potentially LeBron James, or is this a media-driven stunt the Chicago Bulls should stay far away from and focus their attention elsewhere?


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May 18, 2024 7:54 pm

1st, no 2nd, no and 3rdly lonzo ball won’t come back. Might say he is, but he’s washed. Done. Never again any good. Some setback will come up….some excuse to collect the $$ without playing. Wait and see.

May 17, 2024 10:49 am

Someone gonna draft this bum knowing they’re taking him before a more talented player 😂 I hope it’s the bulls, I have no interest in the terrible product this organization keeps putting out on to the court and would like to see it get worse so a positive change can hopefully happen in the not too distant future. Draft the bum so we can fire everyone!

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