This week rumors started popping up about the Bulls looking to bring in a veteran guard.

It looks like there may be some validity to those rumors. The Bulls have reportedly reached out to the Boston Celtics about a potential trade.

Kemba Walker’s name has been thrown around a lot this week. Apparently, the Celtics were trying to trade him in a deal that involved Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday. It sounds like the Bulls took that news and ran with it. The Bulls made two roster moves today by not extending qualifying offers to two guards on the roster. That leads everyone to believe they are either in the market for a guard or will be drafting a guard. This news has had mixed reviews on Twitter so let’s dive in and imagine what this team would be like with Kemba.

How would Kemba fit with the Bulls?

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Kemba is actually coming off a solid season with the Celtics. In the previous season, he averaged 20.4 PPG, 42.5 %FG, 38.1 %3FG, & 4.8 APG. He did well in his first year with the team as their point guard. The real question is, how would he fit in with this Bulls team?

A lot of people are convinced that PG Coby White plays more like a shooting guard. That is why a lot of mock drafts had the Bulls trying to pick up a true point guard in the draft. Bringing in someone like Kemba Walker would have Coby coming off the bench. That’s not necessarily a bad thing with Coby entering his second season. This addition would give the Bulls a true floor general which is something they needed last season. If Coby isn’t the answer at PG this would at least give the Bulls some time to figure out if Kemba is the long-term fit or find his replacement. There’s no doubt that Kemba is a solid player and has been for many years. I believe he would fit in well with the team but it all depends on who would get moved in this trade.

What would the Bulls need to give up?

This is where things get tricky. It sounds like the Celtics were more than willing to get rid of Kemba if that meant they got Jrue Holiday in return. But if it’s a trade surrounded around Kemba they will certainly be looking for a good return. The Bulls do have some options in terms of players to move and picks. The Bulls could potentially look to move forward Otto Porter Jr. or forward Thaddeus Young.

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Pair one of them with a pick and maybe the Celtics bite. What the Bulls would have to give up truly depends on how much the Celtics value Kemba. If the Celtics think he’s an important piece for their team then they will look for a good return. They may even be looking for someone from the Bull’s young core. Whether that be forward Lauri Markkanen or Center Wendell Carter Jr. the Bulls probably wouldn’t entertain a trade like that. The Celtics may feel he is expendable and may take a little bit less. If the Celtics are expecting someone like SG Zach LaVine in a trade package then this trade certainly won’t happen.

Would this be good for the Bulls?

If the Bulls don’t have to give up many major assets this could be good for this team. Pairing LaVine with a true PG in Kemba would help elevate his game. LaVine won’t be required to carry the entire offensive load and wouldn’t have to be the floor general at all times. Coby would also be given the opportunity to figure out which position he fits better. Instead of forcing Coby into being the floor general, he could learn from someone like Kemba. This still depends on what has to be given up to get Kemba. If the Bulls have to tear apart the core then this isn’t worth it.

The goal of bringing in a veteran guard for this team would ultimately be to have an experienced floor general to help facilitate on the floor with all of the young players. This is something that the Bulls need. If they have to give up a lot to get that it will ultimately hurt the team. I’m sure if the Bulls want to make this move it will be made before the draft tomorrow night. If they can get Kemba at the right price the Bulls may put themselves in a great spot for next season.