As we get closer to the 2020 NBA Draft the Bulls have started to make some roster moves. The Bulls decided against extending qualifying offers to two guards on the roster.

With the news that the Bulls won’t be extending offers to either of these guards, it makes one think that they will be taking a guard on draft night. Kris Dunn was a solid defensive presence on a team that lacked defensive skill. However, he was a liability on the offensive side of the ball. He didn’t create the spark that the bench needed and separation from the Bulls was inevitable. Harrison’s season was cut short due to an injury but he had flashes of offensive talent. He just didn’t seem to find a fit on this Bulls team.

Who can the Bulls get to fill these spots?

With the #4 pick in tomorrow night’s draft, the Bulls might have a few options. If the top 3 of the draft is shaken up they may still have the choice of Illawara PG LaMelo Ball or Georgia guard Anthony Edwards. If those two are gone ahead of the Bulls selection they will certainly have their pick between Iowa State guard Tyrese Haliburton or Auburn Guard Isaac Okoro. That would fill the spot that Shaq Harrison filled as they bring on a young guard and develop him. The Bulls could potentially look elsewhere to fill Dunn’s role.

While this seems like it could be unlikely at this point we can’t rule anything out with this Bulls team. If the Bulls start looking in the veteran guard market they could have a lot of options. The price will also be an important factor in the veteran guard market. The Bulls certainly wouldn’t trade away any major assets to get a guard on an expiring contract. They also don’t want to bring in someone they may have to pay a lot of money to over the next couple of years. The trade market may be a bit tricky but if the Bulls could leverage their 2nd round pick this year or even a 2nd round pick in future drafts they could pull in a solid veteran guard.

How does this team look after these moves?

To be honest, the Bulls didn’t lose a whole lot by doing this. They lost the defensive talent of Dunn but one man’s defense won’t win you games.

kris dunn

They lose what could have been with Harrison but they have plenty of young guys still. As a unit, you probably won’t notice these changes too much. The Bulls should be able to fill these spots pretty easily. Filling Dunn’s spot may be a bit more tricky but they shouldn’t have an issue making it happen.

A surprising offer by the Bulls

One offer that was made by the Bulls was a little bit surprising. The team extended a qualifying offer to SG Denzel Valentine.

Last season Valentine only appeared in 36 games and even when he did appear he didn’t see a ton of floor time. Previous head coach Jim Boylen didn’t appear to have a desire to play Valentine. Apparently, the new coaching staff and front office see potential in Valentine and wanted to keep him on the roster.

Don’t expect a ton more moves by this Bulls team ahead of the draft. There’s been a lot of chatter but nothing has been confirmed. If anything happens I’m sure we will be hearing it from the commissioner during the draft.