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Patrick Kane’s Potential Path To Another Stanley Cup


Many think Patrick Kane will not be donning a Blackhawks sweater by the end of the season. The question is, where could the greatest American-born player of all time go?

Twitter is a magical place that allows armchair GMs to speak their mind as if it is fact. If you search Patrick Kane right now, you will see a surplus of fake quotes and rumors with zero evidence backing them up.

It’s extremely important to rely on actual insiders and hometown journalists for accurate rumors.

With that being said, two reliable and well connected insiders have chimed in.

Where Oh Where Could He Go?

Yesterday on his podcast ’32 Thoughts,’ alongside the great Jeff Marek, Elliotte Friedman provided new intel linking Kane and the Edmonton Oilers.

“There has been a lot of talk whether they (Edmonton) are going to make a run at Patrick Kane. I think it’s legitimate too. I don’t have any reason to believe this talk is hot air.”

This is the first time we have credible information that a team is seriously pursuing the future Hall-of-Famer.

But, it’s important to remember the agreement the Blackhawks have in place with Kane.

The team has stated again and again that they will not be approaching players like Kane, Toews, or Jones about trades.

The only way a trade will happen is if those players go to management and say, “it’s time.”

Another credible source, Frank Seravalli of The Daily Faceoff, also mentioned The Rangers and Maple Leafs. His podcast “DFO Rundown” has been keeping a close eye on the situation for some time now.

He stated that things have not changed and Kaner’s control of the situation has remained constant.

Kane has full control of when this trade happens as well. The quality of the team he is traded to is extremely important to him. So a midseason trade to a contending team is the most likely scenario if it happens.

How Would It Happen?

On top of the control that Kane has on the situation, he comes with a contract that few teams can afford.

The Blackhawks would have to retain 50% of his $10.5 million cap hit in any trade. $5.25 million is still a decent price, which means a 3rd team could be involved as well.

The breakdown would be Kane traded to team A with 50% retained – Team A then trades him with 50% more salary retained to Team B.

Team B would acquire Kane with a cap hit of only $2.625 million. Many contending teams would be able to afford that with or without other moves.

Did I mention his Full No-Move Clause as well?

Trade Return

One thing that Blackhawks fans need to realize is that Patrick Kane is, and will always be, worth more to our city compared to anywhere else. He is still in amazingly talented player though.

This is extremely important to remember when analyzing the potential trade return the team would receive.

I am not saying the return would be bad, but taper your expectations. Truthfully I hope Chicago robs any trade partner blind if it happens. Time will tell.

There is no answer as to what the Oilers would send to Chicago in a trade. 2020 14th overall pick Dylan Holloway stands out amongst Edmonton assets, but it is unclear if they want to part ways with the 20-year-old forward.

I will leave the rumors to the armchair GMs on Twitter and simply supply you with information that actually has substance.

The Beat Goes On

Rumors will continue up until the very last second if Kane ends up being moved.

Once again, it is extremely important to consider every piece of credible information. Insiders Elliotte Friedman and Frank Seravalli believe there is truth behind these statements. Their word isn’t gospel, but it means much more than others.

Kane will not be traded unless he approves of it. Plain and simple. 31 other teams could inquire about his services, but only Kane can decide which team it would be.

His chances at winning another Stanley Cup have certainly gotten brighter with this new information.

Many of us would love to see Kane spend his entire career in Chicago. Do you think he will?



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Aug 26, 2022 4:19 pm

I don’t want to see him leave but I understand why he would want to. I hope the hawks don’t give him away but you also hope they honor his wishes like they did Keith if he does want to move. Another good article.

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