Saturday, December 3, 2022

VIDEO: Jaquan Brisker Is Already Working Out With The Best


Jaquan Brisker made a big boast when the Chicago Bears called to inform him that they were picking the Penn State safety in the 2nd round. He said they were getting the steal of the draft. Not once, but twice. Nobody can say the young man lacks confidence. Still, he set the bar high for himself before even taking an NFL snap. So if he’s going to back up his words, he’ll have to put in a ton of work.

It seems he understands that better than people realize. Barely months into his young career, the new Bears safety was spotted working with speed trainer DeWayne Brown. For those who don’t know, he is most notable for being the one who helps train Los Angeles Rams All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald. As it happens, Brisker was on the field with the future Hall of Famer during drills.

If you’re going to learn from somebody, learn from the best.

There is no denying that Donald is a freak of nature from a talent perspective. A man that size and weight shouldn’t be able to move with such speed and athleticism. Yet people continue not to understand what truly makes him great. It is his insatiable work ethic. Even now, on the heels of winning a Super Bowl championship, the man refuses to give himself any downtime. He is right back at it, preparing for 2022.

That is what separates the best from everybody else. Being great is not good enough. There is always the belief they can be better. Learning that mentality is something that can only benefit Jaquan Brisker. The young safety has loads of natural talent. Size, speed, athleticism, and instincts. If he wants to prove he is the steal of the draft and make his mark on Bears history, he’ll have to earn it. Greatness won’t be handed to him.

Richie Petitbon, Gary Fencik, and Mike Brown didn’t become franchise legends by being talented. They got there by seizing the moment. It should be fun to see how far this kid goes.

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