Friday, April 19, 2024

VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers Fires Ball At Kid After Getting Intercepted


If there is one thing football fans have learned over the past decade, Aaron Rodgers does not like getting intercepted. He hates it. So much so that he intentionally shies away from making more high-risk throws than other quarterbacks in order to avoid them. He can get away with it because of his insane accuracy, but this is a criticism some have held against him. His unwillingness to take more chances could be why the Green Bay Packers can never seem to get over the hump in the playoffs.

If people want an idea of how much Rodgers gets annoyed at interception, check out this video courtesy of Pardon My Take. The future Hall of Famer went through drills at a youth football camp. They were doing a red zone drill, and Rodgers tried to zip one into tight coverage. A kid on defense intercepted. Then, in a true moment of glory, he ran right back up to the Packers QB and handed it to him rather than keep the ball.

An ultimate show of swagger. One Rodgers didn’t care for.

The Chicago Bears need to keep an eye on that kid. He’d look great in navy blue and orange when the time comes. It is never not entertaining to see Aaron Rodgers get frustrated. Now in fairness, the quarterback had a smile on his face afterward. Still, for him to chuck the ball at a 12-year-old in the heat of the moment should tell you something. He’s a competitor and holds himself to a high standard even in meaningless drills like that.

Sometimes that can lead to some brief moments of emotional outburst. Then again, maybe it wasn’t the interception that irked him but the kid handing the ball back as if to say, “Good try, though.” Imagine if an NFL defender did that during a game. Yeah, Rodgers would’ve been pissed. All the more reason to sit back and enjoy re-watching this clip over and over again.

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