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Trent Dilfer Explains How A Coaching Mistake Is Hurting Fields


People are struggling with what happened Sunday night. Justin Fields is in his second year as an NFL quarterback, yet he looked like a rookie in his first start against the Green Bay Packers. The discomfort was evident, and he constantly struggled to find open receivers. Sure, his pass protection was inconsistent, but it was good enough to throw for more than 70 yards. People are starting to wonder if he may not have the necessary traits to be a pocket passer. Former quarterback Trent Dilfer isn’t ready to go that far.

He has a unique perspective on this. Not only did he play in the NFL for a long time and won a Super Bowl, he also coached Fields when he was coming out of high school. He watched the game Sunday night. He then appeared on 670 The Score to discuss his thoughts with Parkins & Spiegel. Yes, Justin struggled. However, part of the problem stems from the game plan by the coaching staff. They didn’t do enough to get their young quarterback in a rhythm. Everything was so focused on running the ball that offensive coordinator Luke Getsy failed to get Fields some easy completions. As a result, the quarterback never found his flow in the game.

Trent Dilfer has a point about this.

Evidence backs it up. Go back and look at the San Francisco 49ers game. The weather was a factor, sure. Still, Fields only had three completions on seven dropbacks. He was sacked twice and intercepted another time. People underestimate how detrimental a slow start is for a quarterback throughout a game. It’s also a trend that has haunted Fields since last season. His completion percentage in the 1st quarter last season was 59.18. This year? It’s 50%.

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Conversely, look at Trevor Lawrence. He’s had a solid start to his second season in Jacksonville. Part of that comes from Doug Pederson’s ability to establish him early. Lawrence is 11-of-14 in the 1st quarter this season. It makes a huge difference. Fields needs that kind of consistency. Trent Dilfer knows this because he felt the same way when he played. Every quarterback does. The Bears don’t have to separate their offensive plans. They can be a run-first team but still find ways to get their QB in rhythm.

Cleveland has the third-highest run percentage in the NFL. Yet quarterback Jacoby Brissett still has a respective 86.5 passer rating. He’s nowhere near the talent Fields is.


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Ghost Tomahawk
Ghost Tomahawk
Sep 23, 2022 9:47 am

Running the football is key here. NFL defenses are hip to what Fields is about. They’re going to concede the run and take away the pass. Fields isn’t an NFL level QB yet, maybe never. He’s an athlete who can throw far who plays QB. It’s obvious who anyone who REALLY watches. Not saying he can’t make plays but if you were interested in not having Mitch Trubisky… you are on for a long season. At least Mitch took the leap in year 2. Fields took the leap.. off the cliff so far. If he goes splat this weekend he… Read more »

Keith Lis
Keith Lis
Sep 23, 2022 6:10 am

Name the last great Ohio State QB in the NFL…
There isn’t one.
I hope Fields is the 1st, but so far, not so good

Sep 22, 2022 10:25 pm

Good analysis and why Coach ‘Flus has said that the offense is going to change. He’s head coach and he’ll make sure the offensive coaches get it going for Fields. Can’t be a one dimensional offense. Or waste talent, got to develop it.
I want to see better play on both sides of the ball. As bad as Bears passing game was Bears run D was just as bad.
Hoping Sunday is better for both. Go Bears!

Ralph Law
Ralph Law
Sep 22, 2022 3:55 pm

Getsy, so far is Nagy II. When he defended the call vs. GB at the goal line yesterday, he declared himself Nay II. Had Getsy accepted the play call as a mistake, we could move on.
Until Getsy changes his approach, Fields,the team, and the fans are screwed. Getsy must for get the Pittsburgh game, the 49ers game (last year), the Lions game…we’ve seen what Fields can do.

Sep 22, 2022 3:15 pm

I was very surprised that Getsy was hired rather quickly after Fluss was pronounced the HC. Getsy pointed out the little changes to help JF’s drop back in passing situations. Got us all excited. Held his starting players till the third preseason game, looked like a genius with 21 first qtr points. Raised our hopes. Then the real deal starts, and nothing like the last preseason game. What happened? Even Nagy looked better his first year in his first two games, almost beating GB at GB despite a 20 point lead. Is Getsy not what we were sold? Is he… Read more »

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