George McCaskey said during his end-of-season press conference that he actively read and responded to hate mail from Chicago Bears fans. That seemed unlikely at the time. How does the owner of a football franchise find the time to do something like that? Except it’s important to remember something. McCaskey isn’t a normal owner. He isn’t active in any sort of role regarding the everyday function of the franchise. Those responsibilities fall to team president Ted Phillips and GM Ryan Pace.

So it isn’t too difficult to see McCaskey having extra time on his hands. Now we may have proof of that. According to a Bears fan, a friend of his grew fed up with the organization recently and sent a letter stating his intent to become a Los Angeles Chargers fan if the chairman decided to bring back Pace and head coach Matt Nagy. He must’ve been pretty surprised when he got an actual hand-written response.

What it said can best be called…disappointing.

Talk about an apathetic response. McCaskey (presuming this letter is legit) certainly didn’t make any effort to defend himself or the Bears. He merely thanked the man for his service and congratulated him on picking a new team to root for. This is the type of owner fans are dealing with. McCaskey calls himself a big Bears fan. Yet years and years of watching him operate says he’s more interested in making money than he is producing a consistent winner.

Keeping Ted Phillips in charge despite a spotty track record of success. Rewarding Pace and Nagy for mediocrity all because they’re “men of character.” It’s more apparent than ever that McCaskey truly isn’t capable of handling the cutthroat nature of owning a competitive sports franchise.

George McCaskey will have plenty to answer for next year

Nothing about what this man has done suggests he is actively trying to win. He’s put the team back in the hands of a head coach who continues to show that coaching offense isn’t actually a strength. Not to mention letting a GM with three high-profile whiffs at quarterback having a fourth cut. Something that never happens for guys in that position in other organizations.

This is just more proof that George McCaskey much prefers the status quo. When confronted with the idea of genuine change in 2015 by Chris Ballard, the team chairman shook his head like a child being told to go brush his teeth. Change is not good. Change is never good. This current format will work. We have good people in charge. Just one more year. Everything will work out.

Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers continue to humiliate them each season.

Virginia McCaskey is running out of time. Winning her a championship becomes less likely by the day. Her son claims his ultimate goal is to get the matriarch a Super Bowl title. One doesn’t do that by fearing to change something that isn’t good enough just because the replacements might be worse. Winning in sports is about taking risks. Showing the fans you’re doing everything possible to reach the top.

McCaskey just hasn’t done that.