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The Previous Chicago Bears Draft Proved One Thing. Watch The Top 30 Visits


Fans are anxious to know what the Chicago Bears will do once the 2024 draft kicks off. All they know is that they’re taking a quarterback #1 overall. Everybody believes it will be Caleb Williams of USC, but until his name is called, that can’t be 100% certain. There is even more confusion after that. Hints about the #9 pick keep going in many different directions. Some say wide receiver. Others say offensive tackle or pass rusher. GM Ryan Poles has us all guessing, which is how he wants it.

In these cases, looking back to previous drafts might offer a clue about which players or positions the Bears may prioritize. One thing that stands out immediately from the 2023 class is how focused they were on landing players they had private visits with. Of the 27 confirmed names they met with, four were eventually selected.

  • Darnell Wright – 1st round
  • Gervon Dexter – 2nd round
  • Tyrique Stevenson – 2nd round
  • Tyler Scott – 4th round

It appears none of the Bears’ top selections didn’t have a private visit with them. This makes their current list of confirmed meetings all the more compelling. Here are the 14 names confirmed thus far.

  1. Caleb Williams (QB, USC)
  2. Dylan Laube (RB, New Hampshire)
  3. Brock Bowers (TE, Georgia)
  4. Ben Sinnott (TE, Kansas State)
  5. Rome Odunze (WR, Washington)
  6. Jha’Quan Jackson (WR, Tulane)
  7. Kiran Amegadjie (OT, Yale)
  8. Zach Frazier (C, West Virginia)
  9. Dallas Turner (EDGE, Alabama)
  10. Chop Robinson (EDGE, Penn State)
  11. Cam Hart (CB, Notre Dame)
  12. Nehemiah Pritchett (CB, Auburn)
  13. Elijah Jones (CB, Boston College)
  14. Andru Phillips (CB, Kentucky)

These Chicago Bears visits can be organized into categories.

Williams is the obvious only option for the #1 pick in that group. Bowers, Odunze, and Turner are three names that seem to be possibilities for the #9 pick. Robinson is a viable candidate if they trade back. The rest are likely possibilities for their picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds. The picture is incomplete. There are 16 more players who are unaccounted for. It is a safe assumption some of them will become public knowledge in the near future. That should help clear up the picture further.

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From the information we have at this point, the Williams buzz is validated. Until one of the other QBs shows up on the visit list, he is the unquestioned favorite to be their top pick. The real intrigue is at #9. What makes it interesting is that the Chicago Bears seem split between two possibilities: an offensive weapon or a pass rusher. They have yet to meet with any of the top offensive tackles. Unless that changes, it offers a good sign they’re confident in Braxton Jones remaining the guy at left tackle.

Either Bowers or Odunze would be instant impact players. Conversely, Turner is exactly the type of speed rusher who would be lethal opposite Montez Sweat. Poles and his scouts likely have an idea of who they want. These visits should help complete the picture.


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Apr 3, 2024 1:50 pm

Verse measurements, 6’4″ 254lbs 33 1/2″ arm, 9 7/8 hand. Turner measurements, 6’3″ 247lbs, 34 3/8″ arm, 9 7/8 hand. I don’t think Turner is specifically an OLB in a 3-4, not so much off from Verse in size. Turner did run a 4.46 and Verse a 4.58. 10yd split was close 1.54 for Turner to 1.6 for Verse. The vertical for Turner was 5″ more than Verse though. If you add an 7 more pounds to Turner does he slow down enough to warrant Verse over him? I don’t think so. Turner would be the pick.

Apr 3, 2024 1:00 pm

Scott – I watched a lot of Bama football, and he showed last year (2022) maybe even more than Anderson. At least as much, Turner is definitely not a one year wonder.

scott brs
scott brs
Apr 3, 2024 8:28 am

If Latu took the medicals and passed he should be the top pass rusher in this draft. Didn’t hear anything about Turner last year when Anderson was coming out and now he’s a stud? Maybe I guess but he seems overhyped like Latham.

Apr 3, 2024 8:27 am

A lot of names missing yet….

Apr 3, 2024 8:21 am

I don’t know Joe. Talent is talent, and if Turner is there I doubt they let him slide. I like Verse’s body type better sure, but boy Turner shines when you turn on the tape. Not a big fan of Chop Robinson, he was uh ok at PSU. I would rather have Latu if we are looking a little later in round 1.

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