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The Eric Bieniemy News May Have Tipped The Bears’ Hand At QB


It seemed earlier than normal for a head coach candidate to emerge for a team with five games left. Yet that happened when insider Josina Anderson revealed the Chicago Bears were expected to have interest in Washington Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy as a replacement for Matt Eberflus if he fails to finish strong down the stretch. It’s not a hard connection to make. Team president Kevin Warren and GM Ryan Poles both have direct ties to him. Both did a lot of winning with him. It isn’t crazy to think they feel he might have the necessary traits they need to take the Bears to the next level.

So here’s an additional nugget. Targeting Bieniemy might also have indicated the Bears’ plans at quarterback once the season ends. Firstly, Justin Fields won’t be back. No new head coach will have any interest in continuing that project. That means the Bears are sure to use their projected top-2 pick on a quarterback. Not only that but hiring Bieniemy would mean they already have their guy in mind. That is USC’s Caleb Williams. Why?

Mainly due to the many comparisons he draws to Patrick Mahomes.

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He reminds me of: Patrick Mahomes is going to be the popular comparison for Williams. I can see it. They are both so creative and deliver the ball accurately from different launch points and arm angles.”…

…”Every play is successful because he either throws on time or moves and makes it happen. He has that off-script [Patrick] Mahomes factor,” one AFC scout said.

The logic of hiring Eric Bieniemy becomes obvious in that scenario.

After all, if Williams is another Mahomes-type player, then it would make all the sense in the world to hire the man who helped develop Mahomes into the best quarterback on planet Earth. In their five years together, the QB threw for 23,957 yards, 192 touchdowns, and 48 interceptions. He made five Pro Bowls, was a two-time league MVP, went 11-3 in the playoffs, and won two Super Bowl titles. Is it a coincidence Mahomes is going through the worst season of his career the year after Bieniemy leaves for Washington? Maybe, but it’s hard to ignore.

The Bears will need somebody who can maximize what Williams does best while also helping to expand his game as a professional. Mahomes wasn’t exactly the best pocket passer in college. However, he learned quickly in Kansas City. Eric Bieniemy got lots of credit for that. Sam Howell is doing the same in Washington. If Williams is mentally tough enough to handle the strict tutelage the coach is known for, he can reach the generational heights many expect of him.

There is tons of logic to this pairing. If that is the Bears’ plan, it’s a good one.


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Dec 9, 2023 10:59 pm

@jmscooby Thoughtful. Manning, obviously had a longer, harder road than Aikman to get to Super Bowl, but Jimmy Johnson also knew how to build teams and coaching organizations in Dallas. I don’t know the level of “knowledge” Justin Fields learned under Ryan Day at OSU, but it is obvious with Day’s work with Fields, Stroud, McCord, that Day can coach. More importantly, he understands the ENTIRE offense, if you look at OSU’s consistent offensive line and their incredible string of receivers: Olave, Wilson, Smith-Njigma, Harrison, and going back years. I think Fields might have regressed coming to the Bears. For… Read more »

Dec 8, 2023 11:32 am

@PoochPest I guess I just like thinking outside the circle. I want the Bears to build a dynasty. That won’t happen with a QB whose best trait is running with the ball. It’s not fair to compare Fields to Manning or Aikman, because both of those players had the fundamentals of the QB position pretty well mastered by the time they entered the NFL. They knew where they were going with the ball before the snap most of the time. They also had enough knowledge of the position and passing schemes to supplement a first time OC. I think Fields… Read more »

Dec 8, 2023 10:46 am

@jmscooby . . . and you don’t think Fields is worth more than Tremaine Edmunds? Or Chase Claypool? $20m is a lot to you or I, it’s not a back breaking amount in the NFL. People are acting as if Fields’ fifth year (which hasn’t even been vested yet) is a big deal. It might be for Trey Lance, who has only started 4-5 games, or for Zack Wilson, who famously said, the interceptions weren’t his fault, but Fields has had several years of experience and gotten some BAD games BEHIND him – and that’s what you want with any… Read more »

Dec 8, 2023 10:36 am

excellent. It would cost SOME money immediately, but they have it. Thinking long-term is what everyone should be doing. Life is too short to piss away 6 years based on emotional urgency.

Dec 8, 2023 10:33 am

This article is offensive in how it treats readers as stupid. Claiming “logic” isn’t the same as BEING logical. Eberflus has not been the perfect head coach. He, like Bieniemy would be, a first time head coach. BUT, he has the Bears playing decent defense and has built that part of the team. But hiring Bieniemy based on the logic of this piece is like hiring a CEO based on where they went to school and who they were there with. 1) Bieniemy would be a first time Head Coach. WHY would he get everything he wants and tear down… Read more »

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