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That Time An OnlyFans Model Made The Mistake Of DMing Darnell Wright


Like it or not, once you become an NFL athlete, you’re a celebrity. Being a celebrity can attract the wrong kind of people—namely, the ones looking for attention. It falls to the player and the organization to keep those people at arm’s length. It can lead to some dangerous interactions if you’re not careful. One person that didn’t need any help with such an issue is the Chicago Bears’ newest 1st round pick, Darnell Wright. He got his first taste of unwanted advances from an attention-seeker.

Back before the draft, a woman named Alison decided to Direct Message several offensive linemen in the 2023 class because she was “trying to find one.” This included Cody Mauch of North Dakota State, Luke Wypler of Ohio State, Steve Avila of TCU, Dawand Jones of Ohio State, Anton Harrison of Oklahoma, and Wright. There was naturally an added wrinkle. Alison was an OnlyFans model. For those who may not know, OnlyFans is an app primarily known for featuring porn stars and sex workers. So you can guess what her intentions were.

She didn’t get any replies, save for one. It was from Wright, and it was…succinct.

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Darnell Wright is savage on and off the field.

Most times, a guy that is nasty on game day tends to be a teddy bear away from it. While people say Wright is perfectly friendly and a good person, it’s apparent he doesn’t have time for pointless interaction. He saw what Alison was trying to do. He could’ve taken the same route as the other linemen and met her with silence. Instead, he did what he’s known for. He fired back with aggression. One thing is for sure. She isn’t likely to forget him anytime soon.

One can only hope this is the first of many hilarious stories involving Darnell Wright. Every good team needs characters. The 1980s Bears had Steve McMichael. The 2000s Bears had Charles Tillman. Kyle Long filled that void for a short time before injuries shortened his career. Wright feels like he could be that person. He certainly isn’t afraid to speak his mind. There is nothing wrong with having such a guy in the locker room. At least he knows bad women when he sees them.


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May 26, 2023 9:49 am

Such a weak offering.

May 25, 2023 11:52 am

Gremlin Hole wasting his time like people care about the garbage he’s putting out.

May 25, 2023 11:48 am

Anyone who knows Twitter knows it was either a Bot or someone likely in a foreign country trying to scam something from one of them.

May 25, 2023 10:49 am

Kap was canceled bc he’s a narcissistic cancer in the locker room. He chose it, then he cried about it. Choices have consequences, and when you whine about the circumstances your own behavior brings about, it destroys the team mentality necessary to have success in the highly competitive NFL. Same reason we got rid of Mack and Roquan. They put themselves above the team. Cardinal sin #1.

May 25, 2023 8:47 am

Gremlins hole is on fire.

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