The silence coming out of Halas Hall over the past two days has truly been deafening. Normally when the Chicago Bears have an idea of what they’re going to do moving forward, the fans will hear from the head coach and GM. Thus far the team has scheduled no press conference with either Matt Nagy or Ryan Pace. SM has reported that team chairman George McCaskey is deep in discussions with the top team brass over what to do next. The odds favor changes happening. It’s a matter of how widespread they are.

Could both be out? That is a possibility. However, a lot of people seem to think it’s going to be one or the other. Common speculation seems to think that Nagy is the more likely survivor. He has two years left on his contract and no losing seasons. He’s been to the playoffs twice. However, former Bears defensive end Alex Brown isn’t buying that. When asked on the NBC Sports Chicago Football Aftershow about what changes could be made, he believes it’s actually Pace who is more likely to return.

Is Brown correct in that assessment?

It’s been reported a lot recently that McCaskey likes Pace. The two have a strong relationship. The owner respects the GM for how he’s been able to modernize the organization, renovated Halas Hall, rebuilt the defense, and navigated the dangerous waters of COVID-19. He has guided the ship out of a dark period in the mid-2010s. Is Nagy the actual bigger problem?

Much of it centers on the offense. The coach was brought in to fix it. He’s supposed to be a guru on that side of the ball. An Andy Reid discipline with a background as a quarterback. Yet to date Nagy has produced offenses that ranked 21st, 29th, and 26th in the NFL. His team has scored one or fewer touchdowns in 18 of his 50 games. Neither of his quarterbacks have flourished. Yes, the team has avoided losing seasons, but a lot of that can be credited to a great defense which he has little input on.

Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are both guilty

Brown is correct to believe Nagy is a problem. His offenses have held this team back. The leadership he showed in holding the team together is a big reason why the team is hesitant to let him go. As for Pace? Most of his status centers on one thing. His failure to find a quarterback. Mitch Trubisky was the wrong choice in 2017. Mike Glennon and Nick Foles were bad veteran additions on top of that.

In a quarterback-driven league, his failure to find one despite three expensive attempts is impossible to ignore. With no definitive starter on the roster, the Bears will have to find one this offseason. Do they really want Pace to be the one leading that search? Do they really want Matt Nagy being the one to oversee his development when that player is found? These are the tough questions McCaskey is mulling over right now.

One thing is for sure. The status quo won’t be met with enthusiasm.

Fans aren’t blind. They can tell this team is going in the wrong direction. No quarterback. Allen Robinson seeking the exit door. The defense starting to show some age and not playing at their customary level anymore. Despite making the playoffs they were 3-8 in their final 11 games. Pace has just one winning season to his name. Nagy can’t produce in his own area of expertise. What do they have to offer this team’s future?