Chicago Bears fans didn’t ask to be dragged into this. They were content to look forward to a modest offseason watching GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy scramble to save their jobs. Then Russell Wilson had to open his damn mouth. He proclaimed his dissatisfaction with the state of the Seattle Seahawks offensive line. When that didn’t seem to get the attention he wanted, the QB went a step further.

Using his agent, he put out a list of four teams he’d be willing to get traded to. One of them was the Bears. At a stroke, the seven-time Pro Bowl provided Chicago with something they didn’t ask for. Hope. Could it actually happen? Could the Bears somehow land a Hall of Fame-bound quarterback for the first time in decades? Reports and rumors surfaced for the next week about what is happening up in Seattle.

Then the inevitable anticlimax followed.

Chicago made a strong offer to the Seahawks. One GM John Schneider seemed to like. However, with no viable quarterback option to replace Wilson included? Head coach Pete Carroll shot it down. Since then, the Seahawks began to make moves that were clear indications they were finally acquiescing to the wishes of their quarterback. Tight end Gerald Everett was signed. Then they traded for massive guard Gabe Jackson.

Yet still, insiders like Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington kept the door open. They continued to insist that the possibility remains Seattle could trade Wilson. It’s a matter of whether a QB option they liked were to surface. Finally, the facade was put to rest. Defensive end Carlos Dunlap recently re-signed with the team and said during his first interview that he’d spoken to Wilson personally. The quarterback apparently made it quite clear he’s staying in Seattle.

Russell Wilson hopes likely died before this anyway

The best hope the Bears had was somehow finding an avenue to a quarterback Seattle would like. One name that seemed to provide some hope was Sam Darnold. A player Carroll is reportedly a fan of and is still just 23-years old. Maybe Pace could swing a wild three-team deal to get Darnold to the Seahawks in order to get Wilson. That possibility went out the window when the Carolina Panthers sent three picks to the New York Jets for him.

With Darnold off the board, there isn’t much left. Either Teddy Bridgewater who is now available from Carolina or one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. A quarterback the Bears are in no position to get. Even if they were to trade up for one, they’d have no ammunition left to package him to Seattle. It’s the bitter truth. Russell Wilson is no longer possible.

Chicago has to move on as the team itself clearly has.

Andy Dalton may not be the ideal solution, but he’s the best they can do. One should expect the Bears to give him as much help as possible in this upcoming draft. Maybe they’ll grab a developmental quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. The big splash fans were hoping for may have to wait until next year.