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Radio Host Reveals Inside Info About Cam Newton Coming To Chicago


The Chicago Bears stated quite clearly that they plan on Mitch Trubisky being their starting quarterback in 2020. It wasn’t a big surprise they said that. What good would it serve them to say otherwise? Doing so without a solid plan in place to find a replacement would only alienate Trubisky. So they maintained the status quo. However, anybody who knows the NFL understands that words don’t mean a lot. Actions speak way louder. So could a power move be in play? Tom Brady? Phil Rivers? Cam Newton?

That last name is somebody who isn’t getting discussed a lot in Chicago. Not surprise since Newton is still under an expensive contract in Carolina and the Panthers haven’t made their intentions with the former MVP clear in the midst of a massive organizational shakeup. Many believe though that he is likely gone this offseason. The only question is to where? Obviously teams have speculated about the Bears but nothing concrete has surfaced.

Until now that is.

Marc Silverman, affectionately known to Chicago sports fans as “Silvy” of the Waddle & Silvy radio program on ESPN 1000, called in recently to the Kap & Company show to discuss Super Bowl media day. It was there he revealed a surprising encounter.

“So a Kansas City Chief…he’s a prominent defensive player on that team. He came up because he’s a fan of (Michael) Wilbon. He was very cool and starting talking to Waddle and me and he said, ‘Where you guys from?’ We said, ‘Chicago.’ He goes, ‘Oh. Are you guys going to get Cam?’ And I said, ‘I don’t think so. I’d love it but I don’t think we’re going to get Cam.’ He says, ‘I think you guys are gonna get Cam. I don’t think your coach trusts your starting quarterback.’

And I thought that was amazing. It surprised me that this player who just played the Bears five weeks ago, a prominent player on defense had those words UNSOLICITED. We did not bring up Trubisky. He did.”

Cam Newton would be a fascinating shift for the Bears

The interesting part of all that is the fact this Chiefs player stated without prompt that Nagy doesn’t trust Trubisky. It’s a well-known fact that the Bears head coach was with the Chiefs from 2013 to 2017. So he likely still has a lot of connections on that team. Players and coaches who know him. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think one of them would get wind that Nagy isn’t as behind sticking with Trubisky as he’s said publicly. In fact, there have already been rumors this is the case but for the sake of locker room stability, it’s been kept under wraps.

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Newton is a veteran with a long track record of success. He’s a physical freak of nature and impossible to defense when healthy. He should be close to 100% healed from foot surgery he had recently by this summer. The biggest hurdle is whether the Bears can afford him. Any trade for his services would be expensive, both in draft picks and money.

There is no question though that if they did this, the soon-to-be 31-year old would give them instant credibility at the position.

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