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mike glennon bears

Even Their Main Competition Now Think Bears Will Land Mike Glennon

The Mike Glennon Bears rumors got a major shot in the arm with the revelation of some news from out east that directly impacts everything.
ryan pace

An Important Ryan Pace Draft Lesson That People Keep Ignoring

Experts sound so confident they know who the Bears will pick at #3 next April. It doesn't take long to see they didn't study the Ryan Pace draft strategy.
eddie royal

Bears Are Expected To Cut These Two Veterans Very Soon

The Chicago Bears seem to have some housecleaning in mind before they go out on their shopping spree. Two names are already expected to go.
deshaun watson bears

Another Important Sign This May Be The Chicago Bears Future QB

Curious where Chicago might be looking in the draft for their next quarterback? This overlooked info signals a clear Deshaun Watson Bears connection.
chicago bears scouting combine

Chicago Bears Combine QB Meetings Have One Glaring Name Missing

The Chicago Bears scouting combine meetings have involved some intriguing names, but one remains curiously absent from the list.
mike glennon chicago bears

The Bears Are Favorites To Get Mike Glennon, and Here’s What It Will Cost

The Mike Glennon Chicago Bears buzz is picking up fast. Odds are the team is the favorite to land him, and the price it will cost is in sight.
alshon jeffery

The Glass Half Empty (and Full) Ways To View Latest Alshon Jeffery News

Word has dropped that Alshon Jeffery may yet still remain a member of the Chicago Bears. However, there may be more to this than people realize.
chicago bears draft plans

Bears May Be Mimicking Quarterback Plan of This NFL Contender

The Chicago Bears draft plans at quarterback remain a complete mystery to the outside world, but recent rumors are helping to shape a theory.
jay cutler

Jay Cutler Has A Preferred Team In Mind Once He Leaves Chicago

Don't be fooled by the retirement rumors. If the Bears aren't able to trade him, then expect to start hearing more of a Jay Cutler Texans buzz soon enough.
jimmy garoppolo instagram

Jimmy Garoppolo Fans Trade Flames With Cryptic Instagram Post

A Jimmy Garoppolo Instagram post just set the NFL world buzzing all over again. Could it be overblown or a hint at something big?