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One Draft Prospect At Every Position Who Fits The Chicago Bears Offense


One thing often forgotten about the NFL is that talent isn’t the only part of what makes players successful. Scheme fit can be so crucial to that as well. Patrick Mahomes probably would’ve been good wherever he landed, but ending up with Andy Reid undoubtedly proved crucial to his ascent to the league’s best player. The same was true for DK Metcalf in Seattle, landing with a coaching staff that loved utilizing the big play down the field, which was his specialty. This is something the Chicago Bears know to keep in mind going into the 2024 draft.

Yes, they are looking for the most talented players. However, they’re also looking for the right fit. Guys who fit the identity they want to exude. This series will feature a look at several names that do that, starting with Shane Waldron’s new offense.

The Chicago Bears offense would look great with these names.

QB: Caleb Williams

Yes, this is cheating. However, there is also validity to the statement. Williams has been compared to multiple quarterbacks like Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. Another of note is Russell Wilson due to his tendency to hold the ball and strike for big plays down the field. Waldron worked with Wilson in 2021. He’s familiar with that play style and how best to harness it. Wilson threw 25 touchdowns and six interceptions in only 14 games that year. If Waldron employs that same scheme, it is reasonable to think Williams will take to it immediately.

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RB: Blake Corum

While the Bears tend to prefer backs with good vision and acceleration, it appears Waldron had slightly different priorities. He utilized runners known for their power, toughness, and contact balance. Anything beyond that is a bonus. Kenneth Walker was a good example. It is hard not to see the Bears loving Corum. He was the heart and soul of Michigan’s run to the national championship. The kid is tough as nails, hard to bring down, and has a great feel for finding the rushing lanes when they appear—a true engine of the offense.

WR: Brian Thomas Jr.

Waldron didn’t need long to recognize the danger DK Metcalf posed to defenses when he arrived in Seattle. He made sure to utilize the big and fast receiver to his greatest effect, taking shots to him down the field and finding ways to get the ball in his hands. Thomas Jr. has actually had a more productive career and showcases similar traits from his 6’5 frame to his sub-4.4 speed. He has that Randy Moss-like ability to where you can throw it somewhere down the field and he’ll find a way to go get it. It comes down to how patient the Chicago Bears can be. Thomas needs more polish, just like Metcalf did.

TE: Theo Johnson

While Cole Kmet is a solid, proven tight end who will continue to be that moving forward, the Chicago Bears could use more explosiveness at the position. They need somebody who can create some matchup advantages down the field. Johnson has the speed and size necessary to create those mismatches. Penn State didn’t often utilize him, but he made the most of his opportunities. He’s a plus athlete who improved every year he was in college and is still only scratching the surface of his potential.

OT: Joe Alt

Charles Cross was an immediate success for Seattle when he got drafted in 2022. While he wasn’t the most athletic tackle in his class, he was big, strong, and technically proficient. That describes Alt to perfection. He’s a solid athlete, but his greatest strengths are his immense size and outstanding fundamentals. Having a father who is a former Pro Bowler will do that. He would be able to start immediately, just like Cross did, and most agree he is a talent upgrade over Braxton Jones.

OG: Christian Haynes

Nasty powerhouses. That is what Waldron often worked with along the interior offensive line in Seattle and Los Angeles. Athleticism is also important, but it was evident he wanted guys who could create movement in the ground game and had the ability to withstand bull rushes. Haynes fits that bill well. He’s got the size, shows tremendous upper body strength, and carries a mauling mentality on every play. The athleticism isn’t too bad, either. Best of all, he’s got tons of starting experience and was a team captain. He checks all the boxes.

C: Nick Samac

Athleticism, intelligence, and mobility. Those are the key factors Waldron saw in every center he worked with during his extended run as an assistant coach. While power and size would be nice, he understands centers have to be versatile and function in space. Samac may not get the same media attention as others in the draft, but he fits every trait. He’s a good athlete, thrives in space, has great feet, and overcomes his average size with polished technique. His impact will be felt right away in the run game. If he can add some mass, his pass protection should improve, too.


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Apr 3, 2024 3:18 pm

Every prospect mentioned except Samac are solid players who could legitimately make an impact on the Bears right away. But Samac is a reach. If Bears want a stud center, trade down from 1.9 and grab JPJ!!! And you writers need to stop acting like the free agent acquisitions are great. They aren’t. Safety Bayerd is a shell of his former self. He’s not a long-term solution. And Shelton PFF 24th ranked center is a small upgrade over Patrick at 31. It’s also bizarre that your other articles consider Bates the front runner to win starting center. Those FAs are… Read more »
Apr 3, 2024 10:30 am

Some interesting names but some seem like ‘long shots’.(e.g. B’ Thomas… I get the impression that he’ll go MID 1st…and we won’t take him at 9) Alt will be snapped up by Tenn’. Poles and Cunningham are OL guys… so I bet they have another target for OT. it comes down to would ‘their’ OT but that much of an upgrade vs a WR upgrade over our #3(T Scott) or Edge…. vs… who do we even have opposite Sweat? (Walker? D’ Robinson? or the dude from the Texan’s)…. In my opinion the ‘upgrade’ at Edge will probably be the biggest,… Read more »

scott brs
scott brs
Apr 3, 2024 8:35 am

Really like Theo Johnson. But if we stick with four picks I don’t see it happening.

Apr 3, 2024 8:25 am

Xavier Legette – the later round Brian Thomas, by later I mean probably 2nd or 3rd.

Apr 3, 2024 8:02 am

Brian Thomas Jr is 6’3″ not 6’5″. But he’s still a big and fast receiver and a really good one too.

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