Thursday, September 21, 2023

More Than One Notable Chicago Bears WR Is Making Noise Lately


D.J. Moore is getting most of the attention at Chicago Bears OTAs thus far. That isn’t a surprise. He was their big acquisition in March and has lived up to the hype thus far in practices. He looks every bit like the Pro Bowl-caliber target they’ve been lacking. However, it appears he isn’t the only one doing some good things. Dave Wannstedt attended OTAs this week. He was blown away by Moore but also told 670 The Score that he was pleasantly surprised by the Bears’ 4th round rookie, Tyler Scott.

The former Bears coach saw the appeal immediately in how the Cincinnati product was able to catch the ball and then make plays afterward.

One of the biggest issues the Bears receiving corps suffered from last season was their inability to create more yards after the catch. Scott was quite good at this in college, averaging 6.6 yards after the catch in 2022. Much of that comes from his speed, quickness, and background as a former running back. He understands how to evade tacklers.

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The Chicago Bears have been able to get Scott more work.

This is due to the absences of both Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool. Mooney is still working his way back from the ankle injury that ended his 2022 season. Claypool is dealing with some minor soft tissue injuries. This has allowed Scott to eat into some of their reps in practice. He hasn’t wasted them. Remember, this Bears coaching staff is not above giving rookies extended playing time if they earn it. If Scott can carry these positive early moments into training camp, he could become a big part of their offensive plans.

One thing is certain. Poles has built a fast receiving corps. All four of their top options have 4.4 speed, and some of them can go into the 4.3 range. This group can fly. It’s a perfect fit with Fields, who is at his best when he gets to attack vertically. Kudos to the regime for not trying to get away from his strengths. They’ve leaned into them. If Fields can get proper protection this year, Scott and others will produce several big plays.


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Thomas Gena
Thomas Gena
Jun 2, 2023 8:27 pm

@Bill Kowalski — 100% right!!!

But for some unknown reason, Justin Fields has not yet come to that realization, nor is he very good at: “taking what the D gives him.”

If it was good enough for Patrick Mahomes in this year’s Super Bowl win, it should work fine for JF1!

Time will tell.

Bill Kowalski
Bill Kowalski
Jun 2, 2023 4:46 pm

I’VE BEEN A BEARS FAN SINCE 1963…LET THAT SINK IN…and I can honestly tell you – THE BEARS HAVE NEVER HAD 4 RECEIVERS AT THE SAME TIME, THAT HAVE RUN 4.45 OR BETTER 40’S… EVER!! IT SHOULD BE AN EXCITING YEAR BECAUSE FIELDS THROWS BOMBS AS GOOD AS ANYONE IN THE NFL! I just hope he gets better at taking what the D gives him, rather than his tendency to hold onto the ball too long looking for someone to throw deep to, when there are easy 5-10 yds passes to complete for 1st downs!

Thomas Gena
Thomas Gena
Jun 2, 2023 4:46 pm

@jovaniBgood — I think you’re 100% correct on Chase Claypool — he’s a playmaker.

As for Velus Jones Jr., I hope you’re right. My complaint regarding Velus is actually with Ryan Poles selecting Jones at #71 in the 2022 NFL draft.

At that time, I was hoping the Bears might take, one of the following:
LB, Naboke Dean, GA (Eagles @ #83)
OT, Bernhard Raimann, Cent.MI (Colts @ #77)
LB, Leo Chenal, WI (Chiefs @ 103).

Last edited 3 months ago by TGena
Jun 2, 2023 2:25 pm

@ThomasGena – Don’t count out Velus Jones Jr just yet. Those two early fumbles shook his confidence as well as the coaching staff.

He looked much more like the stud he was at Tennesse in the second half of last season.

And before you say it … don’t count out Chase Claypool either.

Thomas Gena
Thomas Gena
Jun 2, 2023 8:22 am

How’s former 3rd round selection, Velus Jones Jr. doing, this year, in practice?
“We talkin’ ’bout practice, right? Practice. . .”

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