Sunday, August 14, 2022

Matt Eberflus Confirms A Notable Position Switch For Teven Jenkins


Last year, Matt Nagy and his coaching staff made the surprising decision to move Teven Jenkins over from his natural right tackle spot in college to left tackle. They felt he had the size and athleticism necessary to handle it. After a rough start late in 2021, he seemed to settle in and play well despite his inexperience. However, his future became uncertain when Matt Eberflus arrived with a totally new staff in January.

Nobody could be sure what they’d do with guys like Jenkins and Larry Borom. Maybe they’d stay put, or maybe they’d be moved somewhere else. Some even suggest one or both could kick inside to guard. Finally, on Tuesday, April 19th, there was some clarification when voluntary minicamps began. It was revealed that Jenkins had been shifted back over to the right side while Borom went to the left.

Eberflus said this would be part of an ongoing experiment.

It was notable that the head coach was emphatic that everything was being done to figure out what every player on the offense does best. That is the endgame for him and his staff. They need to figure out where Teven Jenkins can play his best football. If it is at right tackle, then that is where he likely will stay. Considering his success in college, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the move remained permanent.

The same will be done with other players, including the wide receivers and tight ends. What their roles were under Nagy doesn’t matter. This Bears offense is going to be different in so many ways. In one system, what might seem like an “X” receiver becomes a “Z” receiver in another. Much of this rests on offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. He is still getting to know the personnel he has, and the Bears aren’t done adding new pieces.

Expectations are they will add at least one more wide receiver and offensive lineman via the draft by the end of the month. One thing is certain. If Jenkins stays healthy and plays up to his potential this year, life will become far easier.

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